Learn how Volta provides a user page for everyone.



Every user related to a repository, an issue, a comment, etc. that have been imported by Volta will have a user page, even if they've never logged in to Volta. You can navigate to any user's page through the command menu K or through the url, ex:

On a user page, you will only have access to issues as a board or a list, the timeline is disabled. Unlike repositories and projects, you will only see issues assigned to the user and pull requests the user created or has been requested as a reviewer.

You can navigate to the tab to view your own profile.

You will only see issues from repositories you're also a maintainer of.

Open on GitHub

You can open the user on GitHub by clicking on the button from the user header, by pressing G or by using the command menu action.


You can find user actions in the menu:

  • Open details D
  • Copy link
You can access all user actions through the command menu K under User.


Open the user details by clicking on from the actions menu in the user header or by pressing D to browse activities.


Keep an eye on a user with real-time activities on issues and pull requests.

You can navigate through issues by clicking on their references, it will open the issue in a split view.