Markdown editor

Write issues and comments with full markdown support.


Our markdown editor supports almost all Markdown elements to be as close as GitHub as possible. Read more about markdown here.


Styling text

You can use the same shortcuts you use on GitHub to format your markdown:

  • B to make selection bold
  • I to make selection italic
  • E to transform selection to a codeblock
  • K to transform selection to a link
  • . to transform selection to a quote
  • 7 to transform selection to an ordered list
  • 8 to transform selection to an unordered list
  • L to transform selection to a task list

You can also apply styling from the toolbar below the editor.

Helpful commands

  • P to preview your markdown
  • U to upload an attachment (drag and drop works too)


When you start typing a #, @ or a : you will see a list of suggestions. Continue typing to filter the list with full-text search capabilities. You can use the arrow keys to navigate through the list and press enter to select an item.

Issues / Pull Requests

Write #number to reference an issue or pull request. You can search issues by number or title. This will create a mentioned activity in the referenced issue. You can also use this to reference pull requests.


Write @username to mention a user. You can search users by username or name. This will send a notification to their Inbox and subscribe them to the issue. We only support user mentions at the moment, not teams.


Write :emoji: to insert an emoji. You can search emojis by name or keyword.

As you might be used to GitHub Autolinked references and URLs, Volta also reformats most of the references and urls for better readability.


For the most popular shared links in issues and comments, Volta embeds videos from YouTube and Loom urls, but also from mp4 and mov files urls. Volta also supports embed Figma urls (browser only).


When creating / editing an issue or comment, the changes you make are saved as a draft. This means you can close the browser tab or navigate away from the page and come back later to continue.

When editing only, you will see a button appear to reset the changes you've made to their original state.

The draft system is also available when creating / editing milestones and projects.