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How to add my GitHub repositories? takes advantage of a GitHub app to import and keep in sync your repositories. You can install the app by clicking on the + button on the repos page and install it on the repositories you want.

What are the repositories listed in the repos page?

Anyone can import their repository with the GitHub app. In the repos page, you will see any repository that you are a maintainer of (based on the write access).

How are issues priority scores calculated?

An issue score is calculated between 0 and 100 and is based on:

  • the total of reactions (+1 point per reaction)
  • if the issue is a pull request (+10 points)
  • the number of days without a maintainer comment (+1 point per day)

The priority score of an issue will display a badge accordingly:

  • High (>=68)
  • Medium (34-67)
  • Low (0-33)
  • Stale.

An issue is marked as Stale when:

  • it's a draft pull request
  • contains one of this labels:
    • pending
    • help wanted
    • good first issue
    • wontfix
    • dependencies

A Stale issue is not taken into consideration when calculating the score of the repository.

Also, you will notice that the repositories and issues priority badge are sometimes filled:

The issue is unread when you have a notification regarding this issue.

For a repository badge, it means that you have at least one unread issue inside.

How can I see the notifications of my repository?

You can see your notifications through the inbox displayed on the left side menu. A chip will also be shown on the favicon if there are unread notifications.

The inbox focuses on providing a clear and easy-to-manage interface. You can quickly see what it is, about which project and still keeping an eye on the issue score. You can as well gain a precious time using keyboard shortcuts to mark as read/unread, delete a notification or even clear them all.

How to reduce the score of my repository?

Repositories scores are an average of all open issues.

Our main goal is to help maintainers reduce the noise of GitHub and focus on important issues (highest priority first). The score will decrease automatically when merging pull requests, resolving or answering long time issues or putting an issue to stale.

Your goal is now to keep all your repositories in the green, have fun!