Learn how to group repositories together with projects.



A project allows you to group repositories together and see their issues in one place. It's a great way to stay focused and collaborate with your team when working on products, open-source frameworks, etc.

Your projects will be displayed in the sidebar grouped by organization or found through the command menu K.

To access projects, you need to be a member of an organization with a Volta Pro plan.


To create a new project, you can click on the button next to under an organization in the sidebar. This button will open a modal where you can choose the organization you want to create the project in. You can also use the command menu action or press N.

You will be able to select the repositories of your project alongside a name and a description.


You can quickly navigate through your project repositories by hovering the project name in the header.

Likewise, when on a repository that belongs to projects you can navigate through them by hovering the repository name in the header.


You can easily add a project to your favorites by clicking on the button from the project header or by using the command menu action.

Learn more about favorites.


You can find project actions in the menu:

  • New milestone M
  • Open archive
  • Open details D
  • Edit project
  • Delete project
  • Copy link
You can access all project actions through the command menu K under Project.


You can display archived issues by clicking on from the actions menu in the project header or through the command menu action.


Open the project details by clicking on from the actions menu in the project header or by pressing D to browse activities.


Keep an eye on what's happening on all the repositories of your project with real-time activities on issues and pull requests.

You can navigate through issues by clicking on their references, it will open the issue in a split view.