Supercharged GitHub Experience

Volta is a web application made to work on your GitHub projects: issues, board, releases, inbox and activity feed to name a few.

Focused on speed and real-time collaboration so you can work efficiently.

Maintain your repositories

See an overview of open issues, pull requests, CI status and more. Take full control of where to focus your work.

Volta - Dashboard Overview Volta - Dashboard Overview

Build collaboratively

Track in-progress issues on the realtime kanban board. Enjoy the efficiency of working together.

Volta - Project Roadmap Volta - Project Roadmap

Made for productivity

Blazing fast productivity. Simple prioritization. Quick actions and shortcuts. Easy release management. Project activity at a glance. And an inbox that makes sense. Built for developers.

GitHub Sync

Every action is synced instantly between GitHub and Volta.


The inbox re-imagined: keyboard first, filters, focus mode and more.

Issue Prioritization

See which issues need a response - and keep your community happy.


Pull requests and the issues they close stay in sync - automatically.


Powerful filters for issues, repos and notifications, right at your fingertips.


Everything is live, so no need to hit refresh to see updates.


Optimized for efficiency with extensive keyboard shortcuts.

Progressive Web App

Install Volta on your desktop and mobile device with our PWA.

Dark & Light

The application is available in both dark and light mode.


See what's happening across your repositories and contributors.


Bug fixes and features are tracked in a 'smart draft' of your next release.

Stay in control

Choose what you want to be notified about - and stay focused!

Private beta

As of April 2021, Volta is in private beta.

Register with GitHub and add your organization to the beta list. We'll contact you when your spot is ready!

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