GitHub experience

Work in real-time with your team on open-source and private repositories, all in one place. Working on GitHub issues and notifications has never been that fun.

Breeze through issues at light speed

Having trouble keeping track of your issues and their corresponding status as well as your team progress? Volta introduces the ultimate solution to manage your GitHub issues.

Issue boards, out of the box.

Import and manage your issues and pull requests on our kanban boards with zero configuration. It's a real-time view with built-in automation and a drag and drop interface. Each repository and user gets its own board.


Always in sync

Every action is synced between GitHub and Volta in real-time.

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Powerful automation

Volta will save you time by smartly moving issues and pull requests across your board.

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Embed boards

Share repository boards with your community to keep them in the loop of your progress.

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Empowered issues

Do anything like on GitHub, and more. Real-time comments, due dates, archive issues...

Never miss a notification again

Tired of having to check your mails every 5 minutes or to open GitHub to see if you have new notifications? Volta is here to help you.

Shipped with modern tools

Volta is built for speed to become your day-to-day ally. It is built with a set of features to increase your productivity.

  • Repositories

    • volta-net/feedback
    • nuxt/framework
    • vuejs/core
    • strapi/strapi
    • tailwindlabs/tailwindcss
    • electron/electron
  • Users

    • Atinux
    • pi0
    • danielroe
    • antfu
    • benjamincanac
    • smarroufin
  • Actions

    • Install with GitHub

Powerful command menu

Search a repository, issue, user or manage anything in seconds from the command menu.

Open it with K


Advanced filters

Filter notifications and issues by any property with logical operators.

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Markdown editor

Take advantage of our powerful editor to write markdown with ease.

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Mobile ready

Take advantage of our PWA to use Volta on your mobile or tablet devices.

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Light & Dark

Make the Volta app your own and fit your OS. Can be changed anytime.


Keyboard-first design

Optimized for efficiency with shortcuts for everything.


Desktop application

Install Volta on your desktop for a native experience.

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