Get an overview of Volta's features and how to use them.

What is Volta?

Volta is a web application with a simple goal: to help you manage your repositories and issues. It's built on top of GitHub API to provide a real-time and intuitive interface with an automated issue board out of the box. Volta also helps you reduce the overwhelming flow of notifications to focus on what matters.

Get the app

Volta is available as a desktop application, from the browser and on mobile or tablet as a PWA. We recommend using our desktop application for the best experience.


Volta is available for macOS Intel, macOS Apple Silicon, and Windows. Download the desktop app at

These are the benefits of using the desktop app:

  • Better notifications integrated with the native OS
  • Always in the dock with a badge to show unread notifications
  • Downloads and installs updates automatically in the background
Volta is not available yet on Linux, you can install our PWA in the meantime.


Volta should work on any modern browser, but we recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Safari.


Use Volta on your mobile or tablet devices with our Progressive Web App (PWA).

Add a shortcut to your mobile phone or tablet's homescreen to access Volta faster:

  • On iOS, open in Safari, tap the share icon , then select the Add to Homescreen action
  • On Android, open in Chrome, tap the menu icon , then select the Add to Homescreen action