Learn how to manage your organizations installed on Volta.

Organization settings


After installing our GitHub app on your organizations, they will be displayed in the sidebar alongside their repositories.

You can use Volta for free on your organizations with no restriction at all. You can install as many public and private repositories with all their issues and pull requests.


You can upgrade to the Pro plan to unlock features like Projects and Roadmap on your organizations (including your personal organization).


You can access your organization projects from the section in the sidebar or through the command menu K.

Learn how to group repositories together with projects.


You can access your organization roadmap by clicking on the button.

This page will display all your organization projects and repositories milestones with their issues in a timeline view.

Learn how to organize your milestones and issues in a timeline view.


Your organization settings are accessible from the modal (click on your avatar or press ,). From there, you will find , and under each organization.


All the repositories you're a maintainer of will be displayed in the section.

Learn more about repositories settings.


Members of your organization will be displayed in the section with their permissions.


You can subscribe to Volta Pro from the section. You will be able to manage your subscription and payment methods through the Stripe portal. You can also cancel your subscription from there.

Once subscribed, you will be able to assign seats to your members from the section.