Issue search

Learn how to search for issues and pull requests in Volta.


#3Nuxt 3 is coming!
#1868Design landing page
#2055Browser extension
#2248fix(timeline): zoom broken
#364Open Nuxt Studio beta
#56Release new website
#1004feat(button): new component
#2204chore(docs): rewrite guide
#2321chore(ui): migrate to @nuxthq/ui v2.0.0


The search menu allows you to search for issues all across the app.

It's accessible from anywhere in the app and can be triggered by pressing /, by clicking the button in the sidebar or through the command menu action.



When navigating to the inbox, a repository, a project or a user, all the issues and pull requests loaded will be injected in the command menu so you can easily find what you're looking for. You can search for issues by title or number.

Issues matching

As mentioned in the issue board section, only issues and pull requests that are open or already have a status will be displayed in the issue board, list or timeline.

When you start typing in the search menu, you will be able to find any issue or pull request including closed or archived ones. This will search in all the repositories you're a maintainer of and all public repositories available on Volta. You can fine-tune you're search by adding a owner/name prefix to your search query, for example nuxt/nuxt#123 will search for issues in the nuxt/nuxt repository.


The recent section will display your last visited issues and pull requests. This will help you quickly find what you were working on.