Follow the latest updates and improvements of Volta.

Version v0.15.0

Released on August 5, 2021

Overview feed

Activities have been moved into Overviews to become a rich feed in dashboard, organization and repository pages. Similar to the issue page, this new feed offers a better reading by showing bodies for issues and comments.

Widgets have been moved to the right, being less invasive and easier to read.

Repositories list

All repositories lists have been improved. You can now sort them by Favorite, Open issues, Last activity or Stars, with asc or desc ordering.

Also, repositories items now display:

  • Last release: Jumps to the related release page
  • Issues count: Jumps to issues list filtered by Type: Issue
  • Pull requests count: Jumps to issues list filtered by Type: Pull request
  • Stargazers count: Jumps to GitHub stargazers page

Fixes & Improvements

  • Last viewed pages are now available in History modal (H)
  • Issue page now shows who is writing a comment
  • Issue page loading speed has been greatly improved
  • You can now upload videos (.mp4 & .mov) files through markdown editors
  • Markdown pictures are now clickable and open in a new browser tab
  • Markdown editor issues references sort has been improved
  • Filters modal search computing has been improved to better sort results
  • Filters input has been moved to the left, next to Filters button and can now be cleared when filled
  • Pull requests branch style has been updated
  • New comment pending UI has been improved
  • New comment area buttons have been improved to be more precise and reactive
  • On mobile, back button now has the same behavior as the desktop app
  • Browser notifications support has been updated
  • Jumping to issues via a widget now properly clears the current text filter
  • Fixed issues links refering to a specific comment or review
  • Fixed repositories list counts when they are importing
  • Fixed user/organization Overview repositories link
  • Fixed the Profile dropdown height when PWA is not installed
  • Fixed a bug causing issues list filters to be incomplete
  • Fixed a bug causing repositories list to load forever when coming from Overview
  • Fixed a bug causing popovers to blink and slightly break the page when showing

Version v0.14.0

Released on July 22, 2021

Notifications control

Repository notifications settings have been reworked to make it more detailed and easier to control.

A dropdown at the top right allows you to select pre-made configurations:

  • Engage: enables everything
  • Watch: only enables mentions, new releases and activities on your subscribed issues
  • Ignore: disables everything
  • You can also freely select and deselect anything

Now by default, when a repository is imported, it will subscribe you as Engage so you won't miss anything important. Then feel free to adjust those settings later.

You will be able to customize your repositories notifications inside the organization page, and quickly choose which preset to apply.

In the last version, we've added failed CI notifications. For pull requests, you're only notified when you're subscribed. For repositories, you can now disable them with the New actions toggle.

Browser notifications

You can now be alerted of new inbox notifications thanks to browser notifications (notification permission must be allowed).

This can easily be enabled in your inbox or in the profile dropdown:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Filters bar has been moved below the top navigation bar
  • Filters can now be cleared by clicking on the left blue count region
  • Code blocks in markdown can now be copied to clipboard
  • Help modal feedback has been removed in favor of a live chat
  • Issue popovers now display the issue status
  • Issues list is filtered by last activity as default
  • Pull requests now display their branch names
  • Linked pull requests on issue page now display their repositories
  • Inbox actions filters now correctly display their name
  • CI Failed notification now links to the repository or the pull request
  • Repositories list has now a filters pane like issues list
  • Reactivity improvements when posting a comment
  • Fixed a bug causing popovers to go under the left menu bar on desktop
  • Fixed a bug causing some cached requests to not be updated

Version v0.13.0

Released on July 8, 2021

Issues sorting

Issues list can now be sorted asc or desc (default) from the sidebar by:

  • Status (default)

This will group issues by status (Todo, In Progress, ...), move pull requests at the top of each status and then by date.

  • Reactions

This will only use the sum of ๐Ÿ‘ and ๐Ÿ‘Ž reactions.

  • Last activity

This will take into account the issue, the last comment or the last review dates.

CI Notifications

You will now receive a notification when a CI fails on your repository. If the failed workflow happened on the default branch, every maintainer will receive it. However, when it happens on a pull request, only maintainers subscribed to the pull request will be notified.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Inbox has been improved on mobile
  • Last viewed pages inside command menu are now persistent
  • On mobile, repository can now be opened on GitHub from overview
  • On mobile, filters modal can exit sub-categories with close button
  • Opening a modal now closes any other opened modal
  • Bot pull requests widget now correctly filters issues
  • Unread widget on overview now links to inbox instead of issues
  • Issues board now displays a Clear filters button when no results
  • Fixed a bug causing single line code blocks to overlap its container
  • Issue, commit and user popovers have been improved
  • Issues icons have been updated to match GitHub last update
  • Markdown editor icons have been updated to match GitHub
  • Changelog version alert is now synced between all your devices
  • Non-setup repositories toast now redirects properly for users

Version v0.12.0

Released on June 24, 2021

We are proud to announce that is now A shorter name, a new logo and a roadmap that goes beyond maintainers exclusivity.

Expect new features coming in the following weeks such as:

  • New pull request experience
  • Roadmap for your repositories
  • Grouping repositories with workspaces
  • Contributors leaderboard

Volta aims to give the best experience to manage open-source communities.

Beta access

We've received a lot of signups to the private beta since April 2021.

The first batch of invites will be sent in July.

Thank you for your patience.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Popovers on issues, commits and users have been improved
  • A toast will now appear to inform you that some repositories notifications haven't been setup yet
  • Unanswered issues now take into account reviews
  • Inbox unread chip is now displayed in red
  • Issues assignees avatars in list view is limited to 3 on mobile
  • Dropdowns are now bigger to improve visual on Linux and Windows
  • Dashboard activities chart takes every day into account

Version v0.11.0

Released on June 17, 2021

Mobile redesign

For the past few weeks, we've been working on improving the mobile experience.

You can already install the PWA on iOS and Android, if you haven't already, jump into Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android, browse to and add the application to your home screen.

To push things further, the application now gets a native look on mobile instead of just a classic responsive app:

  • The notch on newest devices is now handled
  • The landing page is now hidden thanks to a specific login page
  • A Tab bar is available with quick access to dashboard, inbox, command menu, etc.
  • A Navigation bar with quick actions and back menu
  • An improved navigation with tabs inside the overview page and a quick switch in the header
  • Lists that feels like you're browsing a native app

We really want to push the PWA technology forward, so stay tuned for upcoming releases with a redesigned Inbox on mobile and Push notifications


When hovering an issue number in the activity page, you could see the title in a tooltip.

From now on, you can hover an issue number, a commit hash or a username anywhere in the application to have a preview in the popover:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Search & Filters modals are now white on light mode
  • Filters modal now allows to search with spaces and no longer closes when selecting a filter
  • Search modal input is now cleared when hitting enter
  • Shortcuts slideover input can now be focused by hitting /
  • Markdown autocomplete dropdowns no longer appears if there are no results
  • Navigation menu buttons now have tooltips and displays the shortcut
  • Organization notifications settings now display repositories correctly in Needs setup, Watching and Not watching
  • Beta page is now reactive to repositories updates
  • Recent issue drafts submitted no longer appears in the command menu CMD+K
  • Repository releases are now sorted by tag date instead of release
  • Creating an issue from another one sets the same status by default
  • Issues comments and reactions badges cursor is no longer disabled
  • Dropdowns opening is now delayed on hover to avoid blinks
  • You can now assign yourself quicker on issue page by clicking on Assign myself
  • New issue title is now a textarea to improve mobile experience
  • Repositories are now displayed as a list like issues
  • Repositories search results now also display the owner of the repository
  • Pull requests are no longer auto-assigned when moving to In Progress
  • Fixed a bug on linked activities having the wrong issue reference
  • Fixed a bug causing user profile activities chart to not display properly
  • Fixed a bug causing organization notifications settings page to be broken
  • Fixed a bug causing organization activity to not display repositories filters

Version v0.10.0

Released on June 3, 2021

Releases workflow

We improved the issues lifecycle by adding a new released status! โœจ

When pushing a new tag on your GitHub repository, all done issues will automatically be associated to this tag.
Associating a tag to an issue will set the status to released and move it from the board to the Releases tab.

You can easily keep track of your released issues in the list view:

Last viewed

When opening the CMD+K search menu, you will now be able to see the last issues and new issues (drafts) you visited.

In Search and Filter modals, the section headers are now sticky so you don't lose yourself. Also, the global design of modals through the application has been improved, modals are now bigger and more centered.

Repository packages

On top of supporting NPM package.json, Maintainers now detects Yarn workspaces to list all of the repository packages.

In your repository settings (GitHub -> Packages), you can set the default package to display downloads in repository overview.

We plan to support other package manager in the future ๐Ÿ”ฎ.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Issues are now moved to done when mentioned in a commit (ex: Resolves #123 in commit message)
  • You can now search users from the dashboard pages
  • Repositories notifications can now be updated directly from organization settings
  • Issues filters counts are now reactive for the current selection
  • Issues and activities search can now be escaped with esc shortcut
  • Unanswered issues take into account maintainers per repository
  • Unanswered issues are now reactive when a new comment is created
  • Users should now be disconnected correctly when getting a forbidden error
  • Fixed a bug causing new comment to not subscribe user to the issue
  • Fixed a bug causing unread notifications to not disappear
  • Fixed a bug preventing issues board horizontal scroll
  • Fixed a bug causing multiple file upload to generate wrong pictures links
  • iOS PWA icon has been fixed

Version v0.9.0

Released on May 27, 2021

Issues list

Last week, triage and board issues tabs have been merged into one Issues tab. To further improve issue triage, new filters have been added to the list view in a right panel for a repository, an organization or for all your issues in the Dashboard.

This right panel allows you to quickly see stats on your issues and to directly filter on status, state, type, repository, organization and label.

Issues icon

Issues score has been completely removed from the application as the list and board views now have they own sorting.

Instead, an icon is displayed like on GitHub to inform you with the type (issue / pull request) and the state (open / closed / draft / merged):


Repository overview now has a chart with open issues and pull requests:

Dashboard and user overview now have a chart with activity stats:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Tags in releases now displays a changelog so you can directly release on GitHub
  • Inbox now has an empty repository dropdown like dashboard
  • Repository no longer uses package.json name
  • Release empty page has been improved
  • Repository settings notifications can now be easily updated with Watch all and Unwatch all buttons
  • Beta organizations are now displayed in Dashboard
  • Overview responsiveness has been improved
  • Overview Bugs widget no longer includes Done issues
  • Display linked and mentioned issues activities
  • Activities filters have been redesigned to be like issues list view
  • Linked issues are now displayed in pull requests on issues list view
  • Cancelled issues are no longer displayed on top in list view
  • Attached pull requests are now first in list view per status
  • Filters can now be cleared by clicking on the x inside the Filter button
  • Issues pull_request filter is now type to filter only issues or pull requests
  • Issues filter on state now handles draft and merged
  • Prevent placeholder showing up on issues cards when switching between list and board
  • Fixed organization filter on issues
  • Fixed a bug causing issues list to not refresh when changing filters
  • Improved app performances and memory usage

Version v0.8.0

Released on May 20, 2021


Finally, one of the missing piece we wanted for so long has arrived! The first thing you see when you login to Maintainers is the list of your repositories. We did something better, something useful.

Dashboard, organization, user and repository pages now have an overview!

This overview displays useful stats on the current page like number of activities, stars, downloads, ... But also adds shortcuts to your organizations, favorite repositories and online maintainers.

The best part are the new widgets that provide live informations on what you need to focus on. You will be able to see:

  • Issues assigned to you
  • Issues without a maintainer answer
  • Pull requests you've been requested as a reviewer
  • Pull requests created by bot (useful to merge renovate prs)
  • Unread issues and pull requests
  • Issues marked as bug
  • Repositories with failing CI
  • Repositories you haven't setup notifications yet

Widgets directly link either to /issues or /repositories pages filtered for the specific widget.

In the future, you will be able to configure which widget you want to see and maybe, make your own.


To improve user experience, Triage and Board tabs have been merged into one: Issues. You can now switch between list and board views with a button in the toolbar or with the ` shortcut.

The board behaviour hasn't changed much but the list view now includes all issues instead of only the ones in triage. Issues in list view are now sorted by status with pull requests at the top and then by priority score.

Fixes & Improvements

  • General design has been improved on issues badges and tabs
  • Tabs on dashboard, organization, user and repository pages are no longer saved
  • Fixed an issue where markdown was not parsed and displayed nothing in issue and comment body
  • Fixed an issue where markdown checkboxes were not processed with html character inside
  • Releases without name now displays tag value instead
  • Fixed new release notification displaying when accessing a cached ressource
  • Tags created date is now correctly stored (โš  You might need to resync your repositories in Settings -> GitHub -> Tags -> Sync tags)

Version v0.7.0

Released on May 12, 2021

Collaborators & Permissions

A few weeks back, organizations and repositories settings came out where you can manage the synchronization with GitHub. However, everybody in the team could launch a full re-import of the repository which can saturate GitHub's rate limit.

Only repositories members with admin and write role can see the GitHub settings page but only admin can sync the repository. For organizations, only admin can re-sync with GitHub and see outside collaborators.

Organizations outside collaborators are now imported which allows us to display organizations you are not a member of (but have access to a specific repository inside) in the header dropdown and improve the navigation.

Beta workflow

Since we launched the private beta, when logging in for the first time, users would be redirected to the beta page. There, you were able to apply public organizations only due to a limitation of GitHub API. This workflow has evolved:

From now on, to apply for the beta you just have to install our GitHub app. The beta page only displays authorized organizations. When an organization or a user is approved, the installed repositories will be automatically imported into Maintainers. At the time you receive the approval email, you can visit your Dashboard and see your repositories.

Performances & Speed

Through the use of Service Workers, API calls are now cached to improve speed.

Intensive work like processing markdown with remark or indexing data with fuse has been moved to web workers to offload the main thread.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Issue reference link can be copied by clicking on the number in the issue page right panel
  • A quick archive button has been added in the board on hover for closed issues
  • Videos in markdown are not forced in full width anymore
  • Markdown links now correctly displays in blue on dark mode

Version v0.6.0

Released on April 29, 2021


Notifications have been entirely reworked to provide fine-grained control on what users receive in their inbox.

In order to achieve this, a new Notifications page has appeared inside repository settings where you can select what type of notifications you want:

  • Mentions on issue, pull request, comment, review or release
  • New issues
  • New pull requests
  • New releases
  • New activity on subscribed issues and pull requests.

For each type, you can choose to receive notifications from maintainers only, from everyone or to not receive any.

You will only receive notifications from new activity on issues and pull requests when you're subscribed. On the issue page, in the activity section, a new dropdown has been added to choose issue subscribers:

You will be automatically subscribed when you open an issue / pull request, you post a comment, you review a pull request, you're assigned or requested as a reviewer.

Still in the repository Notifications settings page, at the bottom, you will find all the issues you're subscribed to with a button to quickly unsubscribe.

Another Notifications page has also been added in the organization settings where you will find the repositories you're watching and also, a quick unsubscribe.

Some new notifications have been added for issues and pull requests activity:

  • Archived / Unarchived => An issue has been archived / unarchived
  • Locked / Unlocked => An issue has been locked / unlocked
  • Transferred => An issue has been transferred to another repository
  • Subscribed => Someone subscribed you to an issue / pull request

Mentions notifications now works inside comment, review, issue / pull request body and release body. Also, if you made a typo and edit the body to mention someone, a notification will be sent.

When importing a repository for the first time, every user who commented, created issues, ... will be automatically subscribed. Also, after an import is done, every maintainer will receive an Imported notification with a link to configure notifications.

Fixes & Improvements

  • When pressing enter in markdown editor lists, a new entry is added
  • Todo lists in editor now have a space when using the action button
  • Organization dropdown now correctly displays when user has only his profile
  • Highest rated comment is no longer displayed in pull requests
  • Fixed CMD+K shortcut that conflicted between action box and link insert in markdown editor

Version v0.5.0

Released on April 22, 2021

Markdown editor

The markdown editor now gives you the ability to write markdown directly from the toolbar. You can make your text bold, italic, create lists, mention a user or an issue, ... All of this with shortcuts!


The Help modal now gives you access to a feedback form.

Feel free to report bugs, give us feedback or any ideas.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Archiving an issue is now displayed in the activity
  • Maintainers SEO has been improved to make link preview more complete
  • Fixed a bug blocking esc shortcut on a new issue
  • Locking an issue is now working properly on mobile
  • Fixed a bug preventing the access to the inbox on mobile

Version v0.4.0

Released on April 15, 2021


Organization and Repository pages now have a Settings tab.

For now, the first sub-page is for GitHub synchronization. In Organization, you will find the imported collaborators and a button to resync the whole organization. In Repository, a detailed view of all the entities imported from GitHub is present with the ability to make partial synchronizations.


Maintainers gets a fresh new look with its redesigned landing page and a gradient logo.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Header navigation dropdowns have been updated to improve navigation
  • Inbox now behaves as a toggleable page so you can click it again to go back to the previous page
  • User status is now put back to online on any http request
  • Overview tab has been renamed to Repos
  • HTML in issue titles is no longer parsed and won't break the page anymore
  • GitHub pull requests links have been improved to avoid redirects
  • Issue and comment reactions dropdown is fixed
  • Emojis are no longer cropped on non-retina screens
  • Fixed a bug causing repositories graphs to not render properly
  • Fixed header to avoid navigation dropdowns and tabs to overlap

Version v0.3.0

Released on April 8, 2021

Private Beta

From now on, Maintainers is in private beta, therefore no longer password protected.

By logging in with GitHub, you can now signup you're organizations to the private beta. Once approved, you'll be able to install the GitHub app and use Maintainers with the selected repositories.

Maintainers navigation has been entirely reworked. The sidebar disappears to make way for selectors on organizations and favorite repositories.

Furthermore, the user page has been improved and now handles organizations. Like the Dashboard, you'll find an Overview tab with the repositories, a Triage / Board tabs with all the issues from those repositories and an Activity tab.


  • Organizations are now sync with GitHub to display correct name and to supports renaming
  • Scrollbars now have a custom style to override OS style
  • Issue/PR conversation can now be locked from the right side detail panel

Fixes & Improvements

  • Issue page embed videos now support .mov files
  • Activities filters can now be searched
  • Activities now have the concerned repo badge
  • Fixed dashboard repositories sorting
  • Releases page no longer has double scroll
  • Fixed a bug causing some issues/PRs to have inflated components in title

Version v0.2.0

Released on April 1, 2021


  • Issue comments can now be deleted
  • Shortcuts slideover panel is now searchable

Fixes & Improvements

  • App sidebar organizations & repositories now have a + button to install new ones
  • Dashboard repositories are now sorted by favorite & issue count
  • Added organization filter in Inbox
  • Added new shortcut CMD+I to go to Inbox
  • Focus mode is now available in actions through search modal
  • Assignees can now be removed directly in issue page
  • Help menu is now a modal
  • Issue settings on mobile are now displayed as a slideover panel
  • Fixed a bug causing notifications to show badge in focus mode

Version v0.1.0

Released on March 25, 2021

Improved UI

In the past months we added lots of new features into Maintainers, making the UI inconsistent.

It was time for a change:

The sidebar has been restructured to display on the left the quick actions (search, inbox and help) + the profile dropdown and on the right the favorite repositories and the organizations with its repositories when selected. You can now favorite / unfavorite repositories directly from the sidebar.

The Maintainers logo now links to the Dashboard (which removes the selected organization). On top of the repositories, there is either the global Dashboard or the selected organization which links to the according Dashboard.


The header in the main content now have the name on the left, the tabs at the middle and the actions on the right. The back navigation โ† has been improved and is now global so you can go back in time since you loaded the app.

On listing pages, the toolbar containing the filters and the actions is now bottom fixed.

On the issue page, the toolbar has been removed and the actions (reactions, edit, archive, ...) are now accessible next to the title. When creating or editing an issue, the actions to preview or save are at the bottom under the content. When editing, the right actions panel is now blurred and disabled since they are instant updates and independant from the save.

Also, the repository badge score has been removed everywhere.

Performances & Stability

Alongside the big UI refactor, we spent the last two weeks improving the performances of the application. API calls have been optimized to return only the data needed and repositories with stats are no longer fetched by default but only in the dashboard overview.

As the project matures and the beta release date approaches, we had to ensure the stability of the platform. This is why we started testing our API, after two weeks we went from no tests to 75% of coverage. There is still a lot of work to have a fully tested API, but this is a requirement before opening the application to the public.


  • Done & Cancelled issues can now be archived
  • Markdown is now supported in issue title
  • Triage & Board issues now display the sum of ๐Ÿ‘ and ๐Ÿ‘Ž reactions

Fixes & Improvements

  • Switching the app theme is now possible from the action box (CMD+K)
  • Dashboard activity now depends on the selected organization
  • Activity tab on dashboard, repository and user is now faster and supports faceting
  • Issue assignees can be directly assigned/unassigned from board card
  • Board tags are no longer scrollable and displayed on multiple lines
  • Board has been improved so cards don't glitch anymore when dragging
  • Issue body don't scroll to top anymore when typing
  • Repositories charts are now locked on an y axis based on the max issues from all your repositories
  • Placeholders are now smoother and there is no longer a flick when the data is loaded
  • New organizations members are now correctly added as maintainers and don't require repository to be resynced
  • Fixed a bug causing assignees & reviewers to not be found in issue selects search
  • Inbox is now independant from current selected organization
  • Global board dont display tagged issues anymore
  • An error will now be displayed when a repository import fails so you can retry later

Version v0.0.14

Released on March 11, 2021



The Overview tab now displays statistics about repositories:

  • A graph with 2 curves shows you the evolution of opened issues and opened pull requests
  • The count of issues/PRs in Triage and Board for every status


You can now browse the activity of all your repos at once from this new tab.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Dashboard is now the default page once logged in
  • Issues and comments reactions design has been improved
  • Issues and comments now handle all reactions
  • Assignees and reviewers select search has been improved to find users by their name
  • Filters badges now act as toggle buttons and no longer reopen filters modal
  • Improved Type filters of Inbox so a specific status change can be selected
  • Board has been optimized to better support high quantity of cards
  • Issue page now allows to copy the issue reference to clipboard via a new action
  • Comments count is now displayed on board and triage issues
  • Commit links in markdown now send to GitHub since Maintainers has no commit page
  • Quick find shortcut is now hidden on mobile
  • Fixed a bug causing multiple active repos in the left sidebar
  • Labels can now be removed from issue more easily

Version v0.0.13

Released on March 4, 2021


Repos, Triage and Board pages have been gathered into into a new Dashboard section.

More updates will be coming soon, making the overview of your repositories quicker and more efficient.

Board cancelled list

Since closed issues don't disappear anymore from the board, a new Cancelled list has been added. This is introduced to contain all issues/PRs that cannot be considered as successfully ended. Any aborted issues or refused pull requests can go to the Cancelled list instead of being put back into Triage.

Cancelled acts the same as Done. Any issue/PR moved to Cancelled will automatically be closed on GitHub and moving it out of Cancelled will reopen it as well. Obviously moving cards from Done to Cancelled and vice-versa won't affect the issue/PR state.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Triage and Board filters now have Myself and Unread filters as pinned to be easily switched on and off
  • Activities on profile and repository now have a time select to filter on different periods
  • Filters can now search in depth and find results of subcategories
  • Dark mode switch has been replaced with a theme select to handle System theme in addition to Dark and Light
  • Issue comments reactions have been improved to lighten up the UI
  • Embed videos parser now supports more links
  • Fixed a bug causing comments/reviews notifications to have an uncomplete link
  • A new tooltip has been added on the sync icon to emphasis on the import state
  • You can now sync collaborators only with GitHub from the action menu

Version v0.0.12

Released on February 25, 2021


Pull requests reviews are now fetched from GitHub. A pull request feed now displays the reviews activity, being:

  • A new review
  • An approved review
  • A request changes review
  • A dismissed review

The right side of the issue page has been improved to offer a better view. Reviewers are now mixed with reviews to display the current state.


Pull requests not linked to an issue can now have a status and be seen on the board. Also, those pull requests now automatically move to In Review when a reviewer is attached, and to Done when merged.

Issues now only move to Done when all the linked pull requests are merged.

Issues and pull requests no longer disappear from the board when closed.

In the next release, you will be able to move issues to a Cancelled list since closed ones don't disappear anymore.


You can now react to an issue or comment directly from the app, by clicking on an existing reaction or by opening the emojis choice menu next to the reactions.

Global reactions design has been improved.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Videos links in issues and comments now show as an embed video
  • Repository Contributors page has been removed in favor of Activity
  • Quick find shortcut is now displayed in the app menu
  • Repositories can now be opened on CodeSandbox & GitHub Desktop via the search menu
  • On repository import, you won't receive tons of status_changed notifications anymore
  • Issues on board can now be filtered by linked pull requests reviewers
  • FAQ modal has been replaced by the Documentation page (will be improved soon)
  • Fixed a bug causing tooltips in user activities to break the UI
  • Fixed a bug causing issues created by maintainers to have a score

Version v0.0.11

Released on February 18, 2021


Reactions are now imported from GitHub and displayed on issues and comments. Those reactions are very useful in order to compute the issues scores and to display the highest rated comment of an issue.

Indeed, when an issue has comments with positive reactions, the most useful comment will now be displayed under the issue body next to linked pull requests. This item is clickable to jump directly to the highlighted comment.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Upgraded to NuxtJS v2.15
  • The logo is now clickable and redirects to home
  • Profile dropdown toggles are no longer disabled
  • Markdown checkboxes are disabled while loading
  • Focus mode now also hides badges on triage and board tabs
  • A back link is displayed inside the header of the issue page
  • Search results have been improved
  • A GitHub link is now displayed on the profile page, next to the username
  • Bot comments are now collapsed by default and can be expanded on click
  • Fixed the GitHub link copy on issue comments
  • Selects options ignore case on their alphabetical sort
  • Fixed a bug on delete notification
  • Mentions dropdowns should now display at the right place
  • Linked pull requests unread state is now refreshed everywhere and the Unread filter on the board now searches inside linked pull requests
  • On triage, the status dropdown is no longer cut by the end of the list
  • Markdown links do not reload the app anymore

Version v0.0.10

Released on February 11, 2021


  • Releases are now mixed with tags imported from GitHub
  • Releases can be assigned to issues from the board and issue page
  • Focus mode is now accessible from the profile menu, it allows you to be more efficient by not being disturbed by any kind of notification or unread state
  • A notification will now be displayed when a new update is available


  • Issues status can now be changed directly from the triage tab
  • Issues labels, asssignees and reviewers are now sorted alphabetically
  • Notifications now have a timebar to let you know when it will be gone
  • Undo action on delete notification is now displaying its shortcut
  • Undo notification click sends to the concerned issue
  • Issues code blocks now have a maximum height
  • Notifications don't stack anymore, only the last one is visible
  • Organizations are now sorted by their repositories count
  • Organizations now have a badge displayed if any related repository is in unread state
  • Checkboxes in markdown are now clickable

Bug Fixes

  • Status now refreshes correctly on issue page if someone else edits it
  • Fixed a bug causing notifications to not disappear after the end of their timer

Version v0.0.9

Released on February 4, 2021


  • Organizations are displayed and can be selected on the left sidebar to filter Inbox, Repos, Triage, Board pages content and favorite repositories


  • Codeblocks now support and highlight TypeScript + Markdown language
  • Issues board now saves the scrolling state so coming back to the board keeps cards at the same postion
  • When deleting a notification, a toast to undo the action is displayed for 5 seconds (can also be undone with z shortcut)
  • Notifications on mobile can now be swiped for convenient actions (read / delete)

Bug Fixes

  • Codeblocks in comments background now displays correctly in dark mode
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong actions in search modal when going from inbox to an issue
  • Fixed a bug causing redirects on releases page
  • Disabled issue page shortcuts cmd+up and cmd+down inside inputs
  • Pull requests cannot be linked to each other anymore
  • Repositories can now be favorited / muted after import
  • Fixed display of badges score tooltip on repositories list
  • Global board issues dragging has been disabled to avoid unpredictable behaviour
  • Markdown display has been improved to better handle checkboxes and bullet lists
  • Fixed notifications display breaking on issue transfer
  • Fixed issues filters in triage and board to use issues from the view
  • Issue form selects now waits for close before sending update (status, assignees, ...)
  • Fixed a bug causing shortcuts to break after a while
  • Improved issue feed activity aggregation and display
  • Activities in issue feed about status_changed are no longer merged
  • Notifications can now be filtered by any author (previously limited to maintainers)
  • No longer link PRs on issues if the reference is in comment
  • Issues statuses no longer go backwards if status is automatically updated

Version v0.0.8

Released on January 28, 2021


  • Dark mode is now available and fully implemented
  • Issue statuses now react to linked pull requests on GitHub:
    • When a PR is opened and linked, the issue status will change to In Progress
    • When a linked PR gets reviewers, the issue status will change to In Review
    • When a linked PR gets merged, the issue status will change to Done


  • Status changed notifications now display the actual status
  • Notifications read, unread and delete are now instant
  • Loading skeleton placeholders have been improved
  • Display unread badge on either Triage or Board
  • Linked issues and pull requests are fully updated through socket events
  • From now on badges on Inbox act as filters instead of links
  • New tooltip on markdown toggle preview
  • A GitHub link has been added inside linked PRs
  • Labels are now updated through socket events
  • Repositories can now be muted/unmuted on Repos
  • Pull requests are no longer listed in triage if they are linked to an issue
  • File upload size limit on MarkdownEditor has been increased
  • Issues and pull requests linking syntax has been improved to better match GitHub behaviour
  • The score computation of an issue has been improved, score no longer adds up each day when last comment is from a maintainer or the issue author is a maintainer

Bug Fixes

  • Back link has been fixed on new issue page
  • Actions have been fixed when going from inbox to an issue
  • User profiles urls are no longer case sensitive

Version v0.0.7

Released on January 21, 2021


  • Issues page has been splitted into two pages, Triage and Board, to keep consistency with the repository page
  • Issues are now linked to pull requests and vice versa. It is displayed on the issue page and on board cards
  • Board issues sync with GitHub has been improved:
    • Closes on GitHub when moved to Done
    • Opens on GitHub when moved from Done
    • Assigned to yourself when moved to In Progress


  • User mentions results has been improved in the markdown editor
  • CMD+G shortcut has been added on more pages to improve GitHub access
  • Private repositories are now displayed with a lock icon
  • You are now notified of issue status changes and it is also displayed inside user, repository and issue activities
  • The issue status can be set during issue creation
  • The repository page saves the last active tab
  • User and repository activity pages now have filters on mobile
  • When scrolling in the issue page, the title now shows up in the header

Bug Fixes

  • The PWA disconnection issue has been fixed
  • Fixed issue creation draft system when repository had no issue templates
  • Issue page right panel no longer disappears when navigating to another issue
  • Fixed several bugs related to shortcuts all around the app
  • You can now scroll properly through the board on mobile
  • Issue transfer is now working properly
  • Markdown preview now displays task lists correctly
  • Labels are now correctly displayed after importing a new repository

Version v0.0.6

Released on January 14, 2021

Repository page redesign

The page has been splitted into multiple tabs:


Here you will find the issues that needs attention sorted by priority (see Documentation).


The Kanban board of your project will allow you to focus on the issues you need to work on.

Issues status can now be changed from the status select:

When an issue is assigned to the board, it disappears from the triage tab.

The board has a drag and drop feature to move an issue into a different status. Later on, issues will move automatically when a PR is attached to an issue, a PR is marked as requested for review or merged.


This has been moved from the home of the repository but now includes filters like on the profile page.


This has been moved from the home of the repository but now maintainers and contributors are merged into one list.


This page stayed the same, but now redirects automatically to the latest release.


  • Description field on issue form is no longer required
  • Markdown issues, repositories and users are now internal links and no longer redirect to GitHub
  • Pull requests review events changes_requested and approved are now displayed and triggers a notification
  • User profiles now have a GitHub link

Bug Fixes

  • Put back focus lock on SlideOver panes
  • Items in search box can now be clicked

Version v0.0.5

Released on January 7, 2021


  • Labels can now be created from the issue page
  • Repositories can now be muted (bell icon)


  • You can now go back from profile (esc)
  • Display comments in user profile activity
  • Confirm dialog now appears on notifications clear
  • Add missing icons for locked and unlocked activity in user profile
  • You can now filter issues by organization
  • Maintainers and contributors badge is now based on activity instead of commits
  • Transferred issues are now handled and displayed in activity

Bug Fixes

  • Selected notification in inbox don't reset on delete
  • Comments now correctly appears on create
  • Command menu now correctly works on user profile
  • Users in issues listing now refresh when a new comment is posted
  • Infinite scroll on user profile activity now works on mobile
  • Markdown issues dropdown now correctly displays

Version v0.0.4

Released on December 17, 2020


  • Activities on repository are now loaded with an infinite scroll
  • Favicon now displays a badge when a notification is unread
  • Inbox
    • Filter on type, repository, author, ...
    • Actions to mark all as read, clear notifications, ...
    • Shortcuts (U, D, CMD+U, CMD+D)
  • New profile page to display and filter user's activity


  • Repository collaborators with TRIAGE or MAINTAIN role now have access to
  • Notifications assigned and review_requested now only appears when target is yourself
  • Notifiations about pull requests now displays when it's merged
  • Notification now shows when mentioned on a comment
  • Emojis search in editor has been improved
  • Issues badge now have a tooltip with the score
  • Dates on issues are now displayed in a short format
  • Repository stats are now displayed on mobile (activity, maintainers, contributors)
  • SearchBox is now full-screen on mobile which prevent keyboard issues on iOS
  • Comments are now instantly displayed when posting
  • SearchBox now allows to find maintainers

Bug Fixes

  • Notifications issue state is now correctly refreshed
  • Fixes an issue when pressing shortcut with modifier
  • Issues are now closed when moved to discussions on GitHub
  • Repository is now hidden when flagged as archived on GitHub
  • Comments can now be submitted with CMD+Enter while in preview mode
  • Repositories are now well sorted by priority
  • Refetch user data on socket reconnect

Version v0.0.3

Released on December 10, 2020


  • Issue templates

Templates are now imported from GitHub and now selectable when creating an issue. Defined labels and assignees will be automatically selected.

  • Commands

On each page, specific commands have been added to the SearchBox (CMD+k). You can for example open the issue on GitHub, create a new issue or add a comment directly from this menu.

  • Inbox

Notifications have been improved and now displayed in an Inbox tab.

This will display one notification per issue and includes notifications for closed issues. Those notifications are used to display the filled badge on issues and repositories (only includes open issues) so everything is keeped in sync.

You can mark the selected notification as read / unread by pressing u. You can mark them all as read with the CMD+k command.


  • The Nuxt.js application is now working in SSR mode preventing the white screen when loading the page
  • Now using @nuxt/image on the home page
  • Editor preview is now a toggle
  • New shortcut to preview editor by pressing CMD+.
  • Issue creation drafts are now repository specific
  • Copy comment link
  • Save issue with CMD+s
  • Improved repository activity display (tooltips on issues number, better phrasing and design)
  • Reduced activity size on issue page
  • Hide new comment box on edit mode
  • Improved pin icon design

Bug fixes

  • Fix links overflow in comments
  • Fix mentions for contributors
  • Fix pinned filter search
  • Activity now displays when a pull request is merged (instead of closed)

Version v0.0.2

Released on December 3, 2020


  • Edit comment
  • Edit issue (press e shortcut) for title and body
  • Issue labels, assignees and reviewers are now editable
  • Close issue with comment
  • New action to only sync issue
  • Markdown editor
    • Upload images
    • Supports emojis
  • Activity now displays new comments and automatically scrolls to the comment (hash #comment-{id})


  • Archived repositories are now hidden by default
  • Markdown editor mentions has been improved and now supports emojis
  • Activity no longer displays title and body updates
  • Issue now displays who opened the issue when no activity is present
  • Favorites issues are now pinned issues with a new icon and shows up first in lists
  • Repository selection in issue creation is now searchable
  • Issue comments now displays author and maintainer badges

Bug fixes

  • Notifications on issues no longer appear when action is made by owner on GitHub
  • Profile menu dropdown now has the right position on mobile
  • Activity will no longer display duplicates when aggregating (added bug and bug labels)
  • Issue creation esc key should no longer go back when a select is open
  • When going back to a list (of issues or repositories), the previous scroll position is now restored and scrolled to

Version v0.0.1

Released on November 26, 2020


Each action made by your community is now displayed and aggregated on your repositories and issues pages.

Improved shortcuts

Shortcuts have been entirely rewritten with better integration between components.

Press ? to see all available shortcuts.

GitHub integration

We tend to be as powerful as GitHub, step by step we're adding features to allow you to work without going back and forth between Maintainers and GitHub.

  • Create issue (press c shortcut)
  • Close/Reopen issue
  • Markdown preview

You might notice the Maintainers logo next to yours on GitHub.

TailwindCSS v2

As you might know, TailwindCSS just released a new major version. We already migrated the app to take advantage of the newest features.