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December 6, 2022


Inbox guide

Last release we've added a brand new guide, we said we would add more content in the future. Well, here it is! We've added new content about the Inbox and its notifications. Also, the whole guide has been improved with new illustrations and better explanations.

Board automation

We've improved issue boards automation to better react to changes made on GitHub. Now, an issue will be moved automatically to Done or Cancelled when it gets closed as Completed or Not Planned on GitHub.

Read more about issue boards automation.

Public repositories notifications

In v1.3.0 release, we opened access to public repositories for everyone. This allows users to access our volta-net/feedback repository for example and share feedback directly from the app. However, we were missing notifications for public repositories at the time. We've now added subscriptions and notifications for public repositories, so you can now subscribe to those repositories and be notified for example when a new release is published or when something happens on an issue you're subscribed on.

Read more about repository subscriptions.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Command menu now has actions to open or clear filters
  • Command menu now correctly displays user statuses (online, idle, offline)
  • Issues are now directly embedded when written as #738 in issue descriptions, comments and reviews
  • Users will now correctly receive a Transferred notification when an issue is transferred to another repository
  • Issue boards menus to hide specific lists is now displayed for public repositories
  • A repository badge is now displayed next to tags on user boards filters
  • When editing a comment, you're now focused in the editor and you can press esc to exit editing
  • You can now click on images in issue descriptions, comments and reviews to open them in a new tab
  • You can now use spaces when autocompleting issues in editor
  • Editor toolbar list buttons now correctly insert and remove markdown text
  • Editor now always links issues to Volta first when writing in the markdown
  • You can now right-click on desktop applications to access a context menu
  • Comment reactions badges style has been inverted for better readability
  • On mobile, the dialog menu now displays What's new?, Documentation and Help & Feedback links
  • Fixed a bug where the Contact us button of the billing team plan would not work in desktop applications
  • Fixed a bug where issue status, assignees and labels were not correctly saved in draft when creating a new issue
  • Fixed a bug where syntax highlight would not work for JSON language
  • Fixed a bug where notification badge could not be clicked to trigger filter
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes filters would not trigger when coming back to a page with selected filters
  • Fixed a bug in markdown editor where long texts would overflow the toolbar
  • Fixed a bug where issue reviews could be duplicated in the right panel
  • Fixed a bug where issue boards would not display pull requests when linked to an issue
  • Fixed a bug where user would still be active in an issue when closing tab
  • Fixed a bug where user would not see active users when entering an issue
  • Fixed a bug where you would see yourself as offline when closing one of multiple tabs
  • Fixed a bug where a commit with a closing keyword to a different repository would not mark issue as Done