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November 8, 2022


Public repositories

Volta has always been for repository maintainers only, by the way, it was first called Maintainers. However, we realized that it would be nice to have a way to access public repositories boards even when you don't have any GitHub access.

Our first goal with this feature was to access the volta-net/feedback repository from within Volta. Now when clicking on Help & Feedback in the aside, you'll be able to access the repository and share feedback directly from the app. You can now also access any public repositories already imported on Volta by navigating through issues and even add them to your Favorites.

There is a lot more work to do on this, notifications and repository subscriptions are not available for public repositories at the moment, but we're working on it! Also, we're planning to add a way to search for public repositories directly from the command palette. Stay tuned!

Board embed

We've also added an embed feature for public repositories. When clicking on the Share public board button from the repository menu, it will generate and copy a link to the clipboard that you can integrate into your website to embed the board of your repository. The generated link will take filters and displayed statuses into account. This way, you can share your repository board with your community and let them know what's going on.

Here is for example the public board of the nuxt/framework repository:

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now choose the code syntax highlight theme you like from the settings
  • A View changes link to GitHub has been added in pull requests
  • You can now preview the markdown of an issue or a comment before submitting it
  • The interface now reacts faster when posting comments and reactions
  • A button to sync members is now available in the organization settings
  • Some tooltips have been added on buttons with shortcuts to help users discover them
  • When closing an issue, the commit that closed it is now displayed in the Done activity
  • The changelog icon in dashboard dropdown is now colored when a new version is available
  • You can now search for linked pull requests in command palette and markdown autocomplete
  • You can now search users by name in command palette
  • You can now search assignees, reviewers and subscribers by name in issue
  • A Read filter has been added in the inbox
  • A quick Subscribe button has been added in issue
  • Save button is now disabled while uploading in issue
  • Fixed an issue where notification would blink after delete
  • Fixed an issue where markdown autocomplete would stop after pressing an underscore character
  • Fixed an issue where links in markdown had the wrong color
  • Fixed an issue where changes would take some time to refresh after editing an issue
  • Fixed an issue where all repositories would not be imported after installing the GitHub app
  • Fixed an issue where opened activity could be duplicated after transferring an issue
  • Fixed an issue where comments could not be edited after transferring an issue
  • Fixed an issue where some collaborators would be missing after importing a repository