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November 22, 2022



We've spent a lot of time writing a long overdue documentation. It's a great way to discover Volta and learn all the subtleties. You can access it from the header Guide link or from the app aside Documentation link.

This is a work in progress, we'll add more content in the future. If you have any feedback or something you don't understand, please let us know through the feedback repository.


Volta is now a PWA so you can install it on your mobile or on Linux as we do not have a native application for it yet.

Learn how to install the PWA on your mobile.

Issues active users

You can now see users visiting the issue page you're on in the Activity section. Also, in the issue feed, you will now see when a user is typing a comment in real-time.

Advanced filters

We've been working on improving our current filtering system to be more flexible.

You can now select multiple values and different operators for a filter and combine all your filters through and or or global operator.

For example, you can select multiple labels like bug and enhancement at the same time and a status like In Progress and choose to match any of these filters. This will result in issues without any of these labels or issues in this status.

We've also added a new feature that allows you to save your selected filters to re-use them later.

Read more about our powerful filtering system.

Issues import

We've made some improvements to the issues import process. Now when importing a repository, issues with closed linked pull requests won't have a status set anymore. This way, your repositories boards will be much cleaner on the first import.

Read more about repository issue boards and issue boards automation in our latest guide.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now add ?theme={light|dark} query param in embed board urls to force a color mode
  • You can now click on checkboxes in markdown to alter their state without editing an issue or comment
  • You can now Duplicate an issue directly from the issue menu
  • Reviews are now displayed with their status in the issue details among requested reviewers
  • Codeblocks in issues, comments and reviews now re-render on syntax highlight theme change
  • Syntax highlight languages are now only loaded on demand which improves performances when visiting issues
  • A syntax highlight theme preview has been added in the theme settings
  • A new Favorite filter has been added in user boards to find issues of your favorite repositories
  • New J and K shortcuts have been added to navigate between notifications
  • Moved Preview toggle at the bottom right of a new issue form to prevent tabbing issues
  • Display linked pull requests setting now applies only to repository boards and defaults to true
  • A new Copy link actions has been added in the repository menu
  • Improved landing page performances on Safari
  • Changelog link has been moved to the aside and now blinks in blue when there is a new version
  • A new /home route has been added to force redirect to the landing page
  • Fixed an issue where indented lists were not rendered correctly in markdown
  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes in comments were not rendered correctly in markdown
  • Fixed an issue where some users could not authenticate on the Windows app
  • Fixed an issue where uploading on Windows would display scrolling bars on editor actions
  • Fixed an issue where actions on markdown editor were not sticky when creating a new issue
  • Fixed an issue where typing in the markdown editor with lots of content would scroll to the top
  • Fixed an issue where Open button would not display correctly in a release notification
  • Fixed a bug where repositories would disapear from the sidebar on Favorite