Learn how to use our powerful filtering system to quickly find what you need.



Our powerful filtering system lets you refine lists down to exactly what you need. You can apply filters to notifications in the inbox and to issues in any board (repositories and users) by almost any property. You can also apply various operators to filters and combine them to show any or all.


Press F to open the filters modal or click the button above any board or list. Once you've opened the modal, you'll see the filters that you can apply to the current list and you'll be able to move through the menu or use fuzzy-search to find the exact filter you need.

You can select any filter by pressing Enter or by clicking on it. Selected filters will be displayed in their own toolbar above the list or board. This toolbar will also show you the count of items that match the current filters.

You can click on a filter icon to remove it or clear all filters by clicking on the next to the button.


When selecting multiple filters of the same type it will group them. For each selected filter, you can refine it with operators:

When the target property is a single value (author, status, state, etc.):

  • is or is not when one option is included in the filter
  • is any of or is not when multiple options are included in the filter

When the target property is an array of values (labels, assignees, reviewers, etc.):

  • includes or excludes when one option is included in the filter
  • includes any of or exclude if any of when multiple options are included in the filter

By default when selecting a filter it will always be set to the matching logical equality, is or includes. You can change it by pressing the or buttons in the middle of each selected filters, it will show a menu with the different options available.

Logical filters

You can specify an operator for each filter, but you can also combine them with a global logical operator. By default, filters will be combined with the logical and operator.

Once you add at least two filters, you can click on match or filters wording on the right of the toolbar to switch respectively between and and or operators.

Default filters

Besides filtering on a specific property like repository, author, etc., you can also use our pre-defined filters available at the top of the filters modal, you can for example use:

  • Filter unread issues or notifications
  • Filter issues or notifications from your favorite repositories / projects
  • Filter issues without any comment or review from maintainers
  • Filter issues you're assigned or requested as a reviewer on (like on your personal board)
  • Filter issues by title

These filters also support operators and can be combined with other filters.


Once you've selected at least one filter, you'll see a button at the right of the toolbar that lets you save your selected filters under a name.

Saved bookmarks will be available directly from the filters modal. When you click on it, all the bookmark filters will be applied and will replace your existing filters. If you create a bookmark named Daily tasks but you add / remove filters, change an operator or change the global operator (all / any), you can save it again with the same name, it will update your bookmark.

You can also click on the button to open the modal that will allow you to update the name of the bookmark or delete it.