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April 4, 2023


Volta Extension

We've released a new extension to bring Volta experience to GitHub:

  • Open issues and repositories on Volta
  • Assign statuses to issues and pull requests
  • Mark Volta notifications as read automatically when browsing GitHub
The extension is in beta and is only available for Chrome at the moment.

Issue Commands

You can now directly interact with issues from the command menu to update their status, labels, milestones, assignees and reviewers.

On an issue page, press K to open the command menu and search for Change commands:

Command Menu

When pressing enter, a command menu will be opened for you to update the current issue:


The shortcuts for status, labels, milestones, assignees and reviewers respectively S, L, M, A and R now open the command menu instead of the dropdown.

Landing Page

We've redesigned the landing page to make it easier to discover Volta and all the features we've added in the past months like issue lists & timelines, projects, roadmap, etc.

Fixes & Improvements

  • A preview of the issue is now available when hovering issue numbers in activity
  • You can now delete your Volta account from the settings
  • You can now reference and link issues / pull requests with the full GitHub url
  • You can now filter labels, milestones, assignees and reviewers with inclusive operators: includes any of & exclude if any of
  • Fixed a bug where some videos in markdown were not rendered in HTTPS and would cause a Not secured warning
  • Fixed a bug where an issue would not get closed automatically when linked to a merged pull request
  • Fixed a bug where a user would not be automatically assigned on an issue when linking a pull request
  • Fixed a bug where waking up the desktop app would cause multiple socket connections to be opened