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January 10, 2023


Landing page

We're excited to share with you the new landing page of Volta. It's now easier to discover the features with blocks that link to our documentation.


Overall settings have been improved all over the app. Repository settings menu with Members and GitHub tabs has been removed, is now a slideover that you can open from the repository menu and the GitHub sync can now be found in the global settings (press ,) under tab of each organization.

Also, the tab has been simplified. Plans are no longer displayed as there is only one plan for a user and later on, one plan for an organization (learn more in the next section).



Volta Pro and Team plans have been respectively renamed to Member and Organization to prepare for the future releases to come.

A Member plan is attached to an user and provides access to all private repositories.

In the comming weeks, we'll add an Organization plan that is attached to a GitHub organization and provides its members access to all private repositories of the organization. This plan will also grant access to the future Projects and Roadmaps features.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Issues can now be filtered by title from the menu
  • You will now see when a tag is added or removed in the issue activity
  • Issue boards now display the issue count for each list based on current filters
  • Issue activity has been reworked to be more compact and now have icons for activities not related to comments or reviews
  • Favorite button in repository has been moved next to the filters
  • Issues and notifications badge count has been moved inside the button
  • Due date icon is no longer colored when issue is in Done, Released or Cancelled status
  • Inbox now displays a placeholder when no notifications matches the current filters
  • Toast notifications have been added when a payment has failed or a trial is about to expire
  • An link has been added in the aside when you have not imported any organization yet
  • When you open a pull request with a closing keyword, you will now be automatically assigned to the linked issues if no one else is assigned
  • Fixed an issue where writing a closing keyword on a pull request from Volta would create duplicate activities
  • Fixed an issue where typing in the command menu would not select the first item
  • Fixed an issue where embedding issues with a link would not render correctly in markdown
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where selecting an autocompletion item moved the cursor too far
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where the emoji button would not trigger the autocomplete menu
  • Fixed an issue on mobile where the header was white even on dark mode
  • Fixed an issue where some shortcuts would stop working after opening a modal
  • Fixed an issue where you would receive notifications for archived issues in Done status when a new tag was pushed
  • Fixed an issue where What's new? link would not be refreshed when opening the changelog from the desktop app