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December 20, 2022


Free trial

You can now try Volta for free on your private repositories with a 14 days trial. Upgrade to the Pro plan from the modal (click on your avatar or press ,), select the tab and then click on the button, you will be redirected to the Stripe portal where you'll just need to enter your name and billing address.

We are thankful for the feedback we received and we hope that the free trial will let you see the power of Volta on your current workflow.

Issue due date

You can now set a due date on issues and pull requests, this date will be displayed in the activity, details and boards.

While adding the due date, we've redesigned the issue panel to make it more reactive and easier to use.

Due dates will be available as filters in the coming weeks.

Custom subscriptions

You can now fine-tune your repository subscriptions directly from the select menu in the repository header or per organization in the global settings modal by pressing ,.

Repository subscriptionsCustom subscriptions

Therefore, these settings have been removed from the repository settings modal.

Fixes & Improvements

  • On mobile you can now slide notifications to the right to delete them
  • Changelog, Documentation and Help & Feedback links are now available from the command menu
  • You can now navigate in the desktop apps using [ / ] or / keyboard shortcuts
  • When auto-completing issues in editor, the current issue won't show up anymore
  • When auto-completing emojis in editor, the search will now start after one char and emojis won't be grouped by category anymore
  • Fixed a bug where selecting an issue in the editor by clicking would not close the popup sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where dragging text in the editor would trigger upload and lock the editor
  • Fixed a bug where issue details could take some time to update when an action was performed from GitHub
  • Fixed a bug where deleting an unread notification puts it back instantly in the list