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February 7, 2023



We're happy to announce a long due feature: Projects! You can now group repositories of an organization into a project to manage issues from a single board.

To create a project, click on the button next to an organization in the sidebar or use the command menu action. Choose a name, the organization it belongs to and the repositories you want inside. Your projects will be grouped together under the section of each organization in the sidebar.

Creating a project is only available to organization owners for now, but all members of the organization can use them.

Like a repository, a project will also have its details pane on the right that you can open by clicking on the button in the header, by pressing D or by using the command menu action. In this pane you will be able to see the activity of your project in real-time, cross repositories. You can also edit the project's name, description and change its repositories by clicking on -> .

We've also added this activity pane on users so you can see the activity of your team members. You can only see the activity of repositories you have in common.


With the addition of projects, we had to improve the favorites to mix both repositories and projects. You can now favorite a project and it will appear in the section of the sidebar. To favorite a project, click on the button in the header or use the command menu action.

As you might know, all your favorites are bound to shortcuts from 1 to 9 so you can browse your repositories and projects as fast as possible. You can now also reorder your favorites by dragging them vertically in the sidebar.

Issue creation

Now that the repository view is no longer the only place to create issues, we've added a button in the sidebar. This button will open a modal where you can choose the repository you want to create the issue in. You can also use the command menu action or press C.

The repositories available to select will automatically be filtered depending on where you are, on a project it will be the repositories of the project, on a repository it will be all repositories available in the organization otherwise all repositories you're a maintainer of will appear. The repository will be pre-selected if you're in a repository.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Issue boards now display a loading state
  • Browsing through notifications is now smoother and doesnt make the right panel blink anymore
  • Fixed an issue where a filter on title was sometimes removed when opening an issue
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an issue would keep mentioned activities
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an issue on GitHub would not be reflected on Volta
  • Fixed an issue where some fields (labels, due_date...) were not disabled on the UI for non-maintainers (changes were not applied on the server)