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January 24, 2023


Repository activity

You can now see the activity of your repositories by clicking on the button in the header. You will see the latest actions on issues and pull requests, in real-time. This panel will allow you to see your repository members but also to share your public board through the menu.

To achieve this, we had to make some changes on how we handle activities, which greatly improves the performances of our API and database.

In the next hours following the release, you might notice that some activities are missing. This is because we are migrating the data to the new format. We will make sure to restore all the missing activities as soon as possible.

Webhooks performances

As time goes by, more and more people install our GitHub app, which means we receive more and more webhooks. We have been working hard on improving our infrastructure so your data is always up-to-date with GitHub in real-time. We are now able to handle 10x more webhooks than before, and we are still working on improving this number.

Fixes & Improvements

  • As a free user, you can now navigate to private repositories to be able to change your notification subscriptions
  • Issue view has been polished a bit with reactions like comments, on the right, etc.
  • Closed (non-merged) pull requests will now move automatically to Cancelled
  • Bots will no longer be automatically subscribed to issues and comments
  • Fixed an issue where K would not work in the editor to insert a link
  • Fixed an issue where some modals (filter by title, bookmarks, etc.) would not take the full height of the screen on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where an issue could not be unarchived when reopened
  • Fixed an issue where a tag on an issue could not be updated/removed when reopened
  • Fixed an issue where inbox would not be refreshed when the last notification was deleted
  • Fixed an issue where pull requests were not unarchived on GitHub reopen