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October 25, 2022


Windows app

Volta desktop is now available on Windows! You can download it here.

Markdown autocomplete

We redesigned the autocomplete system when pressing @, # or : in an issue or a comment. Instead of displaying a modal that would break the flow of writing, we now display a dropdown with the most relevant results and full-text search capabilites.

Resizable panes

You can now resize the panes in the app to your liking. Just click and drag the separator to resize the aside or the inbox.

Command palette actions

When navigating to a repository or an issue, all actions from the dropdown menu are now also available in the command palette.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Markdown code-blocks are now correctly highlighted
  • You can now copy the GitHub link directly from the issue menu
  • Issue assignees, reviewers and labels are now sorted by most recently used
  • Comment button is now disabled while uploading in issue
  • Inbox empty placeholder now correctly displays on mobile
  • Opening a pull request on GitHub now correctly goes to /pull/{number} url
  • Fixed a bug where cards would blink on boards when moving multiple at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where assignees, labels and reviewers would blink when making multiple concurrent updates
  • Fixed a bug where subscribers would not display non-maintainers users
  • Fixed a bug where users could receive multiple notifications on new update