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March 20, 2023


Organization Plan

Volta is now free for private repositories! 🎉

We're introducing a new Pro plan that will unlock Projects and Roadmap for your organizations. This plan is available with a 14 days trial for €10 per user/month or €8 per user/month if you pay annualy. You can upgrade your plan in the tab of your organization settings ,.

When upgrading, the default quantity will be the number of registered members in your organization. You can change this quantity to add/remove seats if needed. Once your payment is confirmed or if you change the number of seats later on, organization members will automatically be assigned/unassigned to a seat. You can assign seats manually in the tab of your organization settings. For your personal organization, you won't have to choose a quantity as you only pay for yourself.

With the arrival of this new organization plan, we decided to remove the old Member plan so everyone can use Volta for free on their public & private repositories. Subscriptions to this plan will be automatically canceled and refunded. If you have any questions, please contact us at

New features are coming into the Pro plan in the future. Learn more on our pricing page.

Timeline Split View

Last release we introduced the timeline view for repositories and projects with milestones. Now, you can display the timeline in split view to see the milestones of a project or repository and the issues (as board or list) at the same time.

You can toggle the split view by pressing V, by shift clicking the button or by using the command menu action when in the board or list.

Only milestones are displayed in split view and clicking on a milestone will filter issues instead of opening the edit modal. You can still edit your milestones by clicking on the icon.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now search issues in the / modal by repository: nuxt/nuxt#123
  • You can now enter edit mode on an issue by double-clicking on the title or description
  • You can now full-text search issues in milestones edit modal
  • When dragging milestones in the timeline view, the timeline will now scroll automatically
  • You will now receive a notification in your inbox when a new version of Volta has been released with the preview of the changelog
  • Fixed an issue where some markdown pull requests references were not properly rendered
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a milestone issue in the timeline on mobile would break the scroll