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October 11, 2022


Public beta

We're thrilled to finally open Volta in public beta!

When Volta was still in private beta, all GitHub app installations were blocked if you or your organization were not part of the beta. Now that we're in public beta, you can install Volta on all your repositories freely. To achieve this release, we had to import all of your installed repositories. We're proud to announce that Volta now counts 12k+ repositories with 350k+ issues.

You can now enjoy the full experience of Volta with a simple pricing, free for open-source and 5€/month or 50€/year to access private repositories.

As of right now, we only support billing per user, but we're working on a way to bill per team. It will come along with some amazing features to improve the way you work as a team. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you for your interest in Volta! We can't wait for your feedback.

Since the v1.0.0 release from September, we've been working hard to improve Volta. Here are some highlights:

User boards

We've added a new board for users. It displays all issues and pull requests related to the user across all repositories. It's a great way to keep track of your personal tasks. When browsing the board of your fellow collaborators, you will only see issues for repositories you have access to.

Pull requests feed

Issues and pull requests activities feed was already well fed, but to make it as close as possible to GitHub's issue page, we've added commits and corresponding status checks. You can now also see directly from the issue details if a pull request CI has failed with a link to GitHub.

Editor autocomplete

When writing issues and comments, we want users to be able to mention other users, issues and search for emojis. Instead of modals with shortcuts, we've added an autocomplete dropdown that supports full-text search.

GitHub sync

We've made a lot of improvements to the GitHub sync. When importing a repository, it is now 10x faster than before. We also added a retry system for large repositories, if a rate-limit error occurs during your import, it will retry automatically one hour later (GitHub rate-limit is 15,000 requests per hour per organization) starting over where it left off.

We've also had an issue for quite some time with issue and comment reactions as GitHub does not support webhooks for this. Instead of a CRON job that will consume all your rate-limit every night, we've implemented a new system that will re-sync automatically when visiting an issue if it hasn't been synced in the last 12 hours.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Notifications are now automatically read in inbox
  • Inbox last selected notification is now saved when navigating between pages
  • You can now use CMD+G shortcut to open failed CI and releases notifications
  • Fixed a bug where new notifications would not display
  • Issues are now automatically unarchived when reopened
  • Issues not found now display an overlay with a button to open on GitHub
  • Issues are now marked as completed or not_planned when moved to Done or Cancelled respectively
  • Issues closed activities now display as completed or not_planned
  • Issues page are no longer rendered as modals when loaded from server
  • Linked pull requests display has been improved in issue
  • Comments context-menu now displays for all users
  • Comments drafts are now saved like issues
  • A toast is now displayed after creating an issue
  • A Reset draft button has been added in issue edit mode
  • You can now click on the issue number to copy to clipboard
  • Aside now displays repositories from other users that you have access to
  • You can view the inbox filtered from repositories and organizations badges in aside
  • Repositories in aside now display the import status
  • Private repositories now have a lock icon next to their name
  • A new Help & Feedback link has been added in aside
  • You can now press Esc in editor to unfocus and leave edit mode
  • You can now upload videos up to 100MB in editor
  • Fixed a bug in editor where videos were not rendering
  • Fixed a bug where .mov videos could not be uploaded
  • You can now filter issues by organization and tag in repository
  • A new None filter has been added for labels, assignees and reviewers in inbox
  • A Favorites filter has been added in inbox
  • Filters are now saved when navigating between pages
  • Filters are now deleted automatically when the last item is removed
  • Issues in command menu are now sorted by most recent visited
  • Command menu now displays a badge for unread issues
  • You can now search repository maintainers from the command menu
  • An Install on GitHub link has been added in command menu
  • You can now disable desktop notifications from the settings modal
  • A new option to hide linked pull requests from Triage has been added in settings
  • Shortcuts are now correctly handled on Linux and Windows with Ctrl instead of Meta
  • Custom scrollbars are now displayed on Windows
  • Fixed a bug where data would not refresh after reconnection
  • Fixed a bug where sockets would not receive events after reconnection
  • Fixed a bug where the navigation would break under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the pop-up was blocked when logging in from the desktop application
  • Desktop app topbar now allows drag and double click to maximize
  • Desktop app now saves the last window position on close
  • Scroll on iOS devices now handles the top bar properly