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May 20, 2021



Finally, one of the missing piece we wanted for so long has arrived! The first thing you see when you login to Maintainers is the list of your repositories. We did something better, something useful.

Dashboard, organization, user and repository pages now have an overview!

This overview displays useful stats on the current page like number of activities, stars, downloads, ... But also adds shortcuts to your organizations, favorite repositories and online maintainers.

The best part are the new widgets that provide live informations on what you need to focus on. You will be able to see:

  • Issues assigned to you
  • Issues without a maintainer answer
  • Pull requests you've been requested as a reviewer
  • Pull requests created by bot (useful to merge renovate prs)
  • Unread issues and pull requests
  • Issues marked as bug
  • Repositories with failing CI
  • Repositories you haven't setup notifications yet

Widgets directly link either to /issues or /repositories pages filtered for the specific widget.

In the future, you will be able to configure which widget you want to see and maybe, make your own.


To improve user experience, Triage and Board tabs have been merged into one: Issues. You can now switch between list and board views with a button in the toolbar or with the ` shortcut.

The board behaviour hasn't changed much but the list view now includes all issues instead of only the ones in triage. Issues in list view are now sorted by status with pull requests at the top and then by priority score.

Fixes & Improvements

  • General design has been improved on issues badges and tabs
  • Tabs on dashboard, organization, user and repository pages are no longer saved
  • Fixed an issue where markdown was not parsed and displayed nothing in issue and comment body
  • Fixed an issue where markdown checkboxes were not processed with html character inside
  • Releases without name now displays tag value instead
  • Fixed new release notification displaying when accessing a cached ressource
  • Tags created date is now correctly stored (⚠ You might need to resync your repositories in Settings -> GitHub -> Tags -> Sync tags)