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April 29, 2021



Notifications have been entirely reworked to provide fine-grained control on what users receive in their inbox.

In order to achieve this, a new Notifications page has appeared inside repository settings where you can select what type of notifications you want:

  • Mentions on issue, pull request, comment, review or release
  • New issues
  • New pull requests
  • New releases
  • New activity on subscribed issues and pull requests.

For each type, you can choose to receive notifications from maintainers only, from everyone or to not receive any.

You will only receive notifications from new activity on issues and pull requests when you're subscribed. On the issue page, in the activity section, a new dropdown has been added to choose issue subscribers:

You will be automatically subscribed when you open an issue / pull request, you post a comment, you review a pull request, you're assigned or requested as a reviewer.

Still in the repository Notifications settings page, at the bottom, you will find all the issues you're subscribed to with a button to quickly unsubscribe.

Another Notifications page has also been added in the organization settings where you will find the repositories you're watching and also, a quick unsubscribe.

Some new notifications have been added for issues and pull requests activity:

  • Archived / Unarchived => An issue has been archived / unarchived
  • Locked / Unlocked => An issue has been locked / unlocked
  • Transferred => An issue has been transferred to another repository
  • Subscribed => Someone subscribed you to an issue / pull request

Mentions notifications now works inside comment, review, issue / pull request body and release body. Also, if you made a typo and edit the body to mention someone, a notification will be sent.

When importing a repository for the first time, every user who commented, created issues, ... will be automatically subscribed. Also, after an import is done, every maintainer will receive an Imported notification with a link to configure notifications.

Fixes & Improvements

  • When pressing enter in markdown editor lists, a new entry is added
  • Todo lists in editor now have a space when using the action button
  • Organization dropdown now correctly displays when user has only his profile
  • Highest rated comment is no longer displayed in pull requests
  • Fixed CMD+K shortcut that conflicted between action box and link insert in markdown editor