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April 15, 2021



Organization and Repository pages now have a Settings tab.

For now, the first sub-page is for GitHub synchronization. In Organization, you will find the imported collaborators and a button to resync the whole organization. In Repository, a detailed view of all the entities imported from GitHub is present with the ability to make partial synchronizations.


Maintainers gets a fresh new look with its redesigned landing page and a gradient logo.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Header navigation dropdowns have been updated to improve navigation
  • Inbox now behaves as a toggleable page so you can click it again to go back to the previous page
  • User status is now put back to online on any http request
  • Overview tab has been renamed to Repos
  • HTML in issue titles is no longer parsed and won't break the page anymore
  • GitHub pull requests links have been improved to avoid redirects
  • Issue and comment reactions dropdown is fixed
  • Emojis are no longer cropped on non-retina screens
  • Fixed a bug causing repositories graphs to not render properly
  • Fixed header to avoid navigation dropdowns and tabs to overlap