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April 8, 2021


Private Beta

From now on, Maintainers is in private beta, therefore no longer password protected.

By logging in with GitHub, you can now signup you're organizations to the private beta. Once approved, you'll be able to install the GitHub app and use Maintainers with the selected repositories.

Maintainers navigation has been entirely reworked. The sidebar disappears to make way for selectors on organizations and favorite repositories.

Furthermore, the user page has been improved and now handles organizations. Like the Dashboard, you'll find an Overview tab with the repositories, a Triage / Board tabs with all the issues from those repositories and an Activity tab.


  • Organizations are now sync with GitHub to display correct name and to supports renaming
  • Scrollbars now have a custom style to override OS style
  • Issue/PR conversation can now be locked from the right side detail panel

Fixes & Improvements

  • Issue page embed videos now support .mov files
  • Activities filters can now be searched
  • Activities now have the concerned repo badge
  • Fixed dashboard repositories sorting
  • Releases page no longer has double scroll
  • Fixed a bug causing some issues/PRs to have inflated components in title