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August 5, 2021


Overview feed

Activities have been moved into Overviews to become a rich feed in dashboard, organization and repository pages. Similar to the issue page, this new feed offers a better reading by showing bodies for issues and comments.

Widgets have been moved to the right, being less invasive and easier to read.

Repositories list

All repositories lists have been improved. You can now sort them by Favorite, Open issues, Last activity or Stars, with asc or desc ordering.

Also, repositories items now display:

  • Last release: Jumps to the related release page
  • Issues count: Jumps to issues list filtered by Type: Issue
  • Pull requests count: Jumps to issues list filtered by Type: Pull request
  • Stargazers count: Jumps to GitHub stargazers page

Fixes & Improvements

  • Last viewed pages are now available in History modal (H)
  • Issue page now shows who is writing a comment
  • Issue page loading speed has been greatly improved
  • You can now upload videos (.mp4 & .mov) files through markdown editors
  • Markdown pictures are now clickable and open in a new browser tab
  • Markdown editor issues references sort has been improved
  • Filters modal search computing has been improved to better sort results
  • Filters input has been moved to the left, next to Filters button and can now be cleared when filled
  • Pull requests branch style has been updated
  • New comment pending UI has been improved
  • New comment area buttons have been improved to be more precise and reactive
  • On mobile, back button now has the same behavior as the desktop app
  • Browser notifications support has been updated
  • Jumping to issues via a widget now properly clears the current text filter
  • Fixed issues links refering to a specific comment or review
  • Fixed repositories list counts when they are importing
  • Fixed user/organization Overview repositories link
  • Fixed the Profile dropdown height when PWA is not installed
  • Fixed a bug causing issues list filters to be incomplete
  • Fixed a bug causing repositories list to load forever when coming from Overview
  • Fixed a bug causing popovers to blink and slightly break the page when showing