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July 22, 2021


Notifications control

Repository notifications settings have been reworked to make it more detailed and easier to control.

A dropdown at the top right allows you to select pre-made configurations:

  • Engage: enables everything
  • Watch: only enables mentions, new releases and activities on your subscribed issues
  • Ignore: disables everything
  • You can also freely select and deselect anything

Now by default, when a repository is imported, it will subscribe you as Engage so you won't miss anything important. Then feel free to adjust those settings later.

You will be able to customize your repositories notifications inside the organization page, and quickly choose which preset to apply.

In the last version, we've added failed CI notifications. For pull requests, you're only notified when you're subscribed. For repositories, you can now disable them with the New actions toggle.

Browser notifications

You can now be alerted of new inbox notifications thanks to browser notifications (notification permission must be allowed).

This can easily be enabled in your inbox or in the profile dropdown:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Filters bar has been moved below the top navigation bar
  • Filters can now be cleared by clicking on the left blue count region
  • Code blocks in markdown can now be copied to clipboard
  • Help modal feedback has been removed in favor of a live chat
  • Issue popovers now display the issue status
  • Issues list is filtered by last activity as default
  • Pull requests now display their branch names
  • Linked pull requests on issue page now display their repositories
  • Inbox actions filters now correctly display their name
  • CI Failed notification now links to the repository or the pull request
  • Repositories list has now a filters pane like issues list
  • Reactivity improvements when posting a comment
  • Fixed a bug causing popovers to go under the left menu bar on desktop
  • Fixed a bug causing some cached requests to not be updated