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Issues sorting

Issues list can now be sorted asc or desc (default) from the sidebar by:

  • Status (default)

This will group issues by status (Todo, In Progress, ...), move pull requests at the top of each status and then by date.

  • Reactions

This will only use the sum of ๐Ÿ‘ and ๐Ÿ‘Ž reactions.

  • Last activity

This will take into account the issue, the last comment or the last review dates.

CI Notifications

You will now receive a notification when a CI fails on your repository. If the failed workflow happened on the default branch, every maintainer will receive it. However, when it happens on a pull request, only maintainers subscribed to the pull request will be notified.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Inbox has been improved on mobile
  • Last viewed pages inside command menu are now persistent
  • On mobile, repository can now be opened on GitHub from overview
  • On mobile, filters modal can exit sub-categories with close button
  • Opening a modal now closes any other opened modal
  • Bot pull requests widget now correctly filters issues
  • Unread widget on overview now links to inbox instead of issues
  • Issues board now displays a Clear filters button when no results
  • Fixed a bug causing single line code blocks to overlap its container
  • Issue, commit and user popovers have been improved
  • Issues icons have been updated to match GitHub last update
  • Markdown editor icons have been updated to match GitHub
  • Changelog version alert is now synced between all your devices
  • Non-setup repositories toast now redirects properly for users