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June 17, 2021


Mobile redesign

For the past few weeks, we've been working on improving the mobile experience.

You can already install the PWA on iOS and Android, if you haven't already, jump into Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android, browse to and add the application to your home screen.

To push things further, the application now gets a native look on mobile instead of just a classic responsive app:

  • The notch on newest devices is now handled
  • The landing page is now hidden thanks to a specific login page
  • A Tab bar is available with quick access to dashboard, inbox, command menu, etc.
  • A Navigation bar with quick actions and back menu
  • An improved navigation with tabs inside the overview page and a quick switch in the header
  • Lists that feels like you're browsing a native app

We really want to push the PWA technology forward, so stay tuned for upcoming releases with a redesigned Inbox on mobile and Push notifications


When hovering an issue number in the activity page, you could see the title in a tooltip.

From now on, you can hover an issue number, a commit hash or a username anywhere in the application to have a preview in the popover:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Search & Filters modals are now white on light mode
  • Filters modal now allows to search with spaces and no longer closes when selecting a filter
  • Search modal input is now cleared when hitting enter
  • Shortcuts slideover input can now be focused by hitting /
  • Markdown autocomplete dropdowns no longer appears if there are no results
  • Navigation menu buttons now have tooltips and displays the shortcut
  • Organization notifications settings now display repositories correctly in Needs setup, Watching and Not watching
  • Beta page is now reactive to repositories updates
  • Recent issue drafts submitted no longer appears in the command menu CMD+K
  • Repository releases are now sorted by tag date instead of release
  • Creating an issue from another one sets the same status by default
  • Issues comments and reactions badges cursor is no longer disabled
  • Dropdowns opening is now delayed on hover to avoid blinks
  • You can now assign yourself quicker on issue page by clicking on Assign myself
  • New issue title is now a textarea to improve mobile experience
  • Repositories are now displayed as a list like issues
  • Repositories search results now also display the owner of the repository
  • Pull requests are no longer auto-assigned when moving to In Progress
  • Fixed a bug on linked activities having the wrong issue reference
  • Fixed a bug causing user profile activities chart to not display properly
  • Fixed a bug causing organization notifications settings page to be broken
  • Fixed a bug causing organization activity to not display repositories filters