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March 25, 2021


Improved UI

In the past months we added lots of new features into Maintainers, making the UI inconsistent.

It was time for a change:

The sidebar has been restructured to display on the left the quick actions (search, inbox and help) + the profile dropdown and on the right the favorite repositories and the organizations with its repositories when selected. You can now favorite / unfavorite repositories directly from the sidebar.

The Maintainers logo now links to the Dashboard (which removes the selected organization). On top of the repositories, there is either the global Dashboard or the selected organization which links to the according Dashboard.


The header in the main content now have the name on the left, the tabs at the middle and the actions on the right. The back navigation has been improved and is now global so you can go back in time since you loaded the app.

On listing pages, the toolbar containing the filters and the actions is now bottom fixed.

On the issue page, the toolbar has been removed and the actions (reactions, edit, archive, ...) are now accessible next to the title. When creating or editing an issue, the actions to preview or save are at the bottom under the content. When editing, the right actions panel is now blurred and disabled since they are instant updates and independant from the save.

Also, the repository badge score has been removed everywhere.

Performances & Stability

Alongside the big UI refactor, we spent the last two weeks improving the performances of the application. API calls have been optimized to return only the data needed and repositories with stats are no longer fetched by default but only in the dashboard overview.

As the project matures and the beta release date approaches, we had to ensure the stability of the platform. This is why we started testing our API, after two weeks we went from no tests to 75% of coverage. There is still a lot of work to have a fully tested API, but this is a requirement before opening the application to the public.


  • Done & Cancelled issues can now be archived
  • Markdown is now supported in issue title
  • Triage & Board issues now display the sum of 👍 and 👎 reactions

Fixes & Improvements

  • Switching the app theme is now possible from the action box (CMD+K)
  • Dashboard activity now depends on the selected organization
  • Activity tab on dashboard, repository and user is now faster and supports faceting
  • Issue assignees can be directly assigned/unassigned from board card
  • Board tags are no longer scrollable and displayed on multiple lines
  • Board has been improved so cards don't glitch anymore when dragging
  • Issue body don't scroll to top anymore when typing
  • Repositories charts are now locked on an y axis based on the max issues from all your repositories
  • Placeholders are now smoother and there is no longer a flick when the data is loaded
  • New organizations members are now correctly added as maintainers and don't require repository to be resynced
  • Fixed a bug causing assignees & reviewers to not be found in issue selects search
  • Inbox is now independant from current selected organization
  • Global board dont display tagged issues anymore
  • An error will now be displayed when a repository import fails so you can retry later