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February 4, 2021



  • Organizations are displayed and can be selected on the left sidebar to filter Inbox, Repos, Triage, Board pages content and favorite repositories


  • Codeblocks now support and highlight TypeScript + Markdown language
  • Issues board now saves the scrolling state so coming back to the board keeps cards at the same postion
  • When deleting a notification, a toast to undo the action is displayed for 5 seconds (can also be undone with z shortcut)
  • Notifications on mobile can now be swiped for convenient actions (read / delete)

Bug Fixes

  • Codeblocks in comments background now displays correctly in dark mode
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong actions in search modal when going from inbox to an issue
  • Fixed a bug causing redirects on releases page
  • Disabled issue page shortcuts cmd+up and cmd+down inside inputs
  • Pull requests cannot be linked to each other anymore
  • Repositories can now be favorited / muted after import
  • Fixed display of badges score tooltip on repositories list
  • Global board issues dragging has been disabled to avoid unpredictable behaviour
  • Markdown display has been improved to better handle checkboxes and bullet lists
  • Fixed notifications display breaking on issue transfer
  • Fixed issues filters in triage and board to use issues from the view
  • Issue form selects now waits for close before sending update (status, assignees, ...)
  • Fixed a bug causing shortcuts to break after a while
  • Improved issue feed activity aggregation and display
  • Activities in issue feed about status_changed are no longer merged
  • Notifications can now be filtered by any author (previously limited to maintainers)
  • No longer link PRs on issues if the reference is in comment
  • Issues statuses no longer go backwards if status is automatically updated