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January 28, 2021



  • Dark mode is now available and fully implemented
  • Issue statuses now react to linked pull requests on GitHub:
    • When a PR is opened and linked, the issue status will change to In Progress
    • When a linked PR gets reviewers, the issue status will change to In Review
    • When a linked PR gets merged, the issue status will change to Done


  • Status changed notifications now display the actual status
  • Notifications read, unread and delete are now instant
  • Loading skeleton placeholders have been improved
  • Display unread badge on either Triage or Board
  • Linked issues and pull requests are fully updated through socket events
  • From now on badges on Inbox act as filters instead of links
  • New tooltip on markdown toggle preview
  • A GitHub link has been added inside linked PRs
  • Labels are now updated through socket events
  • Repositories can now be muted/unmuted on Repos
  • Pull requests are no longer listed in triage if they are linked to an issue
  • File upload size limit on MarkdownEditor has been increased
  • Issues and pull requests linking syntax has been improved to better match GitHub behaviour
  • The score computation of an issue has been improved, score no longer adds up each day when last comment is from a maintainer or the issue author is a maintainer

Bug Fixes

  • Back link has been fixed on new issue page
  • Actions have been fixed when going from inbox to an issue
  • User profiles urls are no longer case sensitive