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January 21, 2021


  • Issues page has been splitted into two pages, Triage and Board, to keep consistency with the repository page
  • Issues are now linked to pull requests and vice versa. It is displayed on the issue page and on board cards
  • Board issues sync with GitHub has been improved:
    • Closes on GitHub when moved to Done
    • Opens on GitHub when moved from Done
    • Assigned to yourself when moved to In Progress


  • User mentions results has been improved in the markdown editor
  • CMD+G shortcut has been added on more pages to improve GitHub access
  • Private repositories are now displayed with a lock icon
  • You are now notified of issue status changes and it is also displayed inside user, repository and issue activities
  • The issue status can be set during issue creation
  • The repository page saves the last active tab
  • User and repository activity pages now have filters on mobile
  • When scrolling in the issue page, the title now shows up in the header

Bug Fixes

  • The PWA disconnection issue has been fixed
  • Fixed issue creation draft system when repository had no issue templates
  • Issue page right panel no longer disappears when navigating to another issue
  • Fixed several bugs related to shortcuts all around the app
  • You can now scroll properly through the board on mobile
  • Issue transfer is now working properly
  • Markdown preview now displays task lists correctly
  • Labels are now correctly displayed after importing a new repository