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January 14, 2021

Repository page redesign

The page has been splitted into multiple tabs:


Here you will find the issues that needs attention sorted by priority (see Documentation).


The Kanban board of your project will allow you to focus on the issues you need to work on.

Issues status can now be changed from the status select:

When an issue is assigned to the board, it disappears from the triage tab.

The board has a drag and drop feature to move an issue into a different status. Later on, issues will move automatically when a PR is attached to an issue, a PR is marked as requested for review or merged.


This has been moved from the home of the repository but now includes filters like on the profile page.


This has been moved from the home of the repository but now maintainers and contributors are merged into one list.


This page stayed the same, but now redirects automatically to the latest release.


  • Description field on issue form is no longer required
  • Markdown issues, repositories and users are now internal links and no longer redirect to GitHub
  • Pull requests review events changes_requested and approved are now displayed and triggers a notification
  • User profiles now have a GitHub link

Bug Fixes

  • Put back focus lock on SlideOver panes
  • Items in search box can now be clicked