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December 10, 2020


  • Issue templates

Templates are now imported from GitHub and now selectable when creating an issue. Defined labels and assignees will be automatically selected.

  • Commands

On each page, specific commands have been added to the SearchBox (CMD+k). You can for example open the issue on GitHub, create a new issue or add a comment directly from this menu.

  • Inbox

Notifications have been improved and now displayed in an Inbox tab.

This will display one notification per issue and includes notifications for closed issues. Those notifications are used to display the filled badge on issues and repositories (only includes open issues) so everything is keeped in sync.

You can mark the selected notification as read / unread by pressing u. You can mark them all as read with the CMD+k command.


  • The Nuxt.js application is now working in SSR mode preventing the white screen when loading the page
  • Now using @nuxt/image on the home page
  • Editor preview is now a toggle
  • New shortcut to preview editor by pressing CMD+.
  • Issue creation drafts are now repository specific
  • Copy comment link
  • Save issue with CMD+s
  • Improved repository activity display (tooltips on issues number, better phrasing and design)
  • Reduced activity size on issue page
  • Hide new comment box on edit mode
  • Improved pin icon design

Bug fixes

  • Fix links overflow in comments
  • Fix mentions for contributors
  • Fix pinned filter search
  • Activity now displays when a pull request is merged (instead of closed)