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December 3, 2020


  • Edit comment
  • Edit issue (press e shortcut) for title and body
  • Issue labels, assignees and reviewers are now editable
  • Close issue with comment
  • New action to only sync issue
  • Markdown editor
    • Upload images
    • Supports emojis
  • Activity now displays new comments and automatically scrolls to the comment (hash #comment-{id})


  • Archived repositories are now hidden by default
  • Markdown editor mentions has been improved and now supports emojis
  • Activity no longer displays title and body updates
  • Issue now displays who opened the issue when no activity is present
  • Favorites issues are now pinned issues with a new icon and shows up first in lists
  • Repository selection in issue creation is now searchable
  • Issue comments now displays author and maintainer badges

Bug fixes

  • Notifications on issues no longer appear when action is made by owner on GitHub
  • Profile menu dropdown now has the right position on mobile
  • Activity will no longer display duplicates when aggregating (added bug and bug labels)
  • Issue creation esc key should no longer go back when a select is open
  • When going back to a list (of issues or repositories), the previous scroll position is now restored and scrolled to