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March 11, 2021




The Overview tab now displays statistics about repositories:

  • A graph with 2 curves shows you the evolution of opened issues and opened pull requests
  • The count of issues/PRs in Triage and Board for every status


You can now browse the activity of all your repos at once from this new tab.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Dashboard is now the default page once logged in
  • Issues and comments reactions design has been improved
  • Issues and comments now handle all reactions
  • Assignees and reviewers select search has been improved to find users by their name
  • Filters badges now act as toggle buttons and no longer reopen filters modal
  • Improved Type filters of Inbox so a specific status change can be selected
  • Board has been optimized to better support high quantity of cards
  • Issue page now allows to copy the issue reference to clipboard via a new action
  • Comments count is now displayed on board and triage issues
  • Commit links in markdown now send to GitHub since Maintainers has no commit page
  • Quick find shortcut is now hidden on mobile
  • Fixed a bug causing multiple active repos in the left sidebar
  • Labels can now be removed from issue more easily