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March 4, 2021



Repos, Triage and Board pages have been gathered into into a new Dashboard section.

More updates will be coming soon, making the overview of your repositories quicker and more efficient.

Board cancelled list

Since closed issues don't disappear anymore from the board, a new Cancelled list has been added. This is introduced to contain all issues/PRs that cannot be considered as successfully ended. Any aborted issues or refused pull requests can go to the Cancelled list instead of being put back into Triage.

Cancelled acts the same as Done. Any issue/PR moved to Cancelled will automatically be closed on GitHub and moving it out of Cancelled will reopen it as well. Obviously moving cards from Done to Cancelled and vice-versa won't affect the issue/PR state.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Triage and Board filters now have Myself and Unread filters as pinned to be easily switched on and off
  • Activities on profile and repository now have a time select to filter on different periods
  • Filters can now search in depth and find results of subcategories
  • Dark mode switch has been replaced with a theme select to handle System theme in addition to Dark and Light
  • Issue comments reactions have been improved to lighten up the UI
  • Embed videos parser now supports more links
  • Fixed a bug causing comments/reviews notifications to have an uncomplete link
  • A new tooltip has been added on the sync icon to emphasis on the import state
  • You can now sync collaborators only with GitHub from the action menu