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February 25, 2021



Pull requests reviews are now fetched from GitHub. A pull request feed now displays the reviews activity, being:

  • A new review
  • An approved review
  • A request changes review
  • A dismissed review

The right side of the issue page has been improved to offer a better view. Reviewers are now mixed with reviews to display the current state.


Pull requests not linked to an issue can now have a status and be seen on the board. Also, those pull requests now automatically move to In Review when a reviewer is attached, and to Done when merged.

Issues now only move to Done when all the linked pull requests are merged.

Issues and pull requests no longer disappear from the board when closed.

In the next release, you will be able to move issues to a Cancelled list since closed ones don't disappear anymore.


You can now react to an issue or comment directly from the app, by clicking on an existing reaction or by opening the emojis choice menu next to the reactions.

Global reactions design has been improved.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Videos links in issues and comments now show as an embed video
  • Repository Contributors page has been removed in favor of Activity
  • Quick find shortcut is now displayed in the app menu
  • Repositories can now be opened on CodeSandbox & GitHub Desktop via the search menu
  • On repository import, you won't receive tons of status_changed notifications anymore
  • Issues on board can now be filtered by linked pull requests reviewers
  • FAQ modal has been replaced by the Documentation page (will be improved soon)
  • Fixed a bug causing tooltips in user activities to break the UI
  • Fixed a bug causing issues created by maintainers to have a score