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February 18, 2021



Reactions are now imported from GitHub and displayed on issues and comments. Those reactions are very useful in order to compute the issues scores and to display the highest rated comment of an issue.

Indeed, when an issue has comments with positive reactions, the most useful comment will now be displayed under the issue body next to linked pull requests. This item is clickable to jump directly to the highlighted comment.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Upgraded to NuxtJS v2.15
  • The logo is now clickable and redirects to home
  • Profile dropdown toggles are no longer disabled
  • Markdown checkboxes are disabled while loading
  • Focus mode now also hides badges on triage and board tabs
  • A back link is displayed inside the header of the issue page
  • Search results have been improved
  • A GitHub link is now displayed on the profile page, next to the username
  • Bot comments are now collapsed by default and can be expanded on click
  • Fixed the GitHub link copy on issue comments
  • Selects options ignore case on their alphabetical sort
  • Fixed a bug on delete notification
  • Mentions dropdowns should now display at the right place
  • Linked pull requests unread state is now refreshed everywhere and the Unread filter on the board now searches inside linked pull requests
  • On triage, the status dropdown is no longer cut by the end of the list
  • Markdown links do not reload the app anymore