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February 11, 2021



  • Releases are now mixed with tags imported from GitHub
  • Releases can be assigned to issues from the board and issue page
  • Focus mode is now accessible from the profile menu, it allows you to be more efficient by not being disturbed by any kind of notification or unread state
  • A notification will now be displayed when a new update is available


  • Issues status can now be changed directly from the triage tab
  • Issues labels, asssignees and reviewers are now sorted alphabetically
  • Notifications now have a timebar to let you know when it will be gone
  • Undo action on delete notification is now displaying its shortcut
  • Undo notification click sends to the concerned issue
  • Issues code blocks now have a maximum height
  • Notifications don't stack anymore, only the last one is visible
  • Organizations are now sorted by their repositories count
  • Organizations now have a badge displayed if any related repository is in unread state
  • Checkboxes in markdown are now clickable

Bug Fixes

  • Status now refreshes correctly on issue page if someone else edits it
  • Fixed a bug causing notifications to not disappear after the end of their timer