Command menu

Search and manage anything from our powerful command menu.

  • Repositories

    • volta-net/feedback
    • nuxt/framework
    • vuejs/core
    • strapi/strapi
    • tailwindlabs/tailwindcss
    • electron/electron
  • Users

    • Atinux
    • pi0
    • danielroe
    • antfu
    • benjamincanac
    • smarroufin
  • Actions

    • Install with GitHub


The command menu allows you to fuzzy-search repositories, issues, users and actions.

It's accessible from anywhere in the app and can be triggered with the K shortcut or through the button in the sidebar.


You can navigate and search through your repositories by organization or name. Favorite repositories will be displayed first.

A search feature to find public repositories will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can favorite them for quick-access.

Issues / Pull Requests

When navigating to a repository, you can search for issues or pull requests by title or number. Last visited issues will be displayed first, most recently created issues will be displayed second.


When navigating to a repository, you can search for the maintainers attached to the repository and quickly access the issue board. You can search for users by name or username.


Every action available from the repository and issue menus will also be available in the command menu. You can for example quickly Open on GitHub G, Favorite a repository or Copy reference of an issue.

We will be adding more actions to the command menu in the future.