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May 27, 2021


Issues list

Last week, triage and board issues tabs have been merged into one Issues tab. To further improve issue triage, new filters have been added to the list view in a right panel for a repository, an organization or for all your issues in the Dashboard.

This right panel allows you to quickly see stats on your issues and to directly filter on status, state, type, repository, organization and label.

Issues icon

Issues score has been completely removed from the application as the list and board views now have they own sorting.

Instead, an icon is displayed like on GitHub to inform you with the type (issue / pull request) and the state (open / closed / draft / merged):


Repository overview now has a chart with open issues and pull requests:

Dashboard and user overview now have a chart with activity stats:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Tags in releases now displays a changelog so you can directly release on GitHub
  • Inbox now has an empty repository dropdown like dashboard
  • Repository no longer uses package.json name
  • Release empty page has been improved
  • Repository settings notifications can now be easily updated with Watch all and Unwatch all buttons
  • Beta organizations are now displayed in Dashboard
  • Overview responsiveness has been improved
  • Overview Bugs widget no longer includes Done issues
  • Display linked and mentioned issues activities
  • Activities filters have been redesigned to be like issues list view
  • Linked issues are now displayed in pull requests on issues list view
  • Cancelled issues are no longer displayed on top in list view
  • Attached pull requests are now first in list view per status
  • Filters can now be cleared by clicking on the x inside the Filter button
  • Issues pull_request filter is now type to filter only issues or pull requests
  • Issues filter on state now handles draft and merged
  • Prevent placeholder showing up on issues cards when switching between list and board
  • Fixed organization filter on issues
  • Fixed a bug causing issues list to not refresh when changing filters
  • Improved app performances and memory usage