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May 12, 2021


Collaborators & Permissions

A few weeks back, organizations and repositories settings came out where you can manage the synchronization with GitHub. However, everybody in the team could launch a full re-import of the repository which can saturate GitHub's rate limit.

Only repositories members with admin and write role can see the GitHub settings page but only admin can sync the repository. For organizations, only admin can re-sync with GitHub and see outside collaborators.

Organizations outside collaborators are now imported which allows us to display organizations you are not a member of (but have access to a specific repository inside) in the header dropdown and improve the navigation.

Beta workflow

Since we launched the private beta, when logging in for the first time, users would be redirected to the beta page. There, you were able to apply public organizations only due to a limitation of GitHub API. This workflow has evolved:

From now on, to apply for the beta you just have to install our GitHub app. The beta page only displays authorized organizations. When an organization or a user is approved, the installed repositories will be automatically imported into Maintainers. At the time you receive the approval email, you can visit your Dashboard and see your repositories.

Performances & Speed

Through the use of Service Workers, API calls are now cached to improve speed.

Intensive work like processing markdown with remark or indexing data with fuse has been moved to web workers to offload the main thread.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Issue reference link can be copied by clicking on the number in the issue page right panel
  • A quick archive button has been added in the board on hover for closed issues
  • Videos in markdown are not forced in full width anymore
  • Markdown links now correctly displays in blue on dark mode