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December 17, 2020


  • Activities on repository are now loaded with an infinite scroll
  • Favicon now displays a badge when a notification is unread
  • Inbox
    • Filter on type, repository, author, ...
    • Actions to mark all as read, clear notifications, ...
    • Shortcuts (U, D, CMD+U, CMD+D)
  • New profile page to display and filter user's activity


  • Repository collaborators with TRIAGE or MAINTAIN role now have access to
  • Notifications assigned and review_requested now only appears when target is yourself
  • Notifiations about pull requests now displays when it's merged
  • Notification now shows when mentioned on a comment
  • Emojis search in editor has been improved
  • Issues badge now have a tooltip with the score
  • Dates on issues are now displayed in a short format
  • Repository stats are now displayed on mobile (activity, maintainers, contributors)
  • SearchBox is now full-screen on mobile which prevent keyboard issues on iOS
  • Comments are now instantly displayed when posting
  • SearchBox now allows to find maintainers

Bug Fixes

  • Notifications issue state is now correctly refreshed
  • Fixes an issue when pressing shortcut with modifier
  • Issues are now closed when moved to discussions on GitHub
  • Repository is now hidden when flagged as archived on GitHub
  • Comments can now be submitted with CMD+Enter while in preview mode
  • Repositories are now well sorted by priority
  • Refetch user data on socket reconnect